11. Tranquility

hex 11

Vairochana’s Peace


This hexagram is perfectly balanced. Vairochana and Ratnasambhava are in equilibrium. The celestial and terrestrial are in ideal communion. It is only when the yang and yin forces are in harmony that all things are flowing unhindered: the bright principle yang and the dark principle yin are intermingled reflecting infinite peace and tranquility.

One also needs to be aware that for this peaceful repose to flow unimpeded it is essential to stay balanced and in league with bright clarity of mind. Be mindful that the Noble imperative needs to be at the center of all things.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: The High and Low are of one accord.

A most auspicious opportunity is at hand. All present obstructions are uprooted and it is OK to move forward with the task at hand in total confidence.

Second yang: Steer the middle-course and avoid vanity at all costs.

Stay-centered in the Great-Work of Noble Self-realization and refrain from measuring one’s progress at the expense of other’s imperfections.

Third yang: There is no going-forward without returning to the Source.

Assuming that times of tranquility will last unheeded without turning-about and recollecting THAT which is the Source of repose is foolhardy indeed!

Fourth yin: Unsettled yet remaining inwardly firm without admonition.

Never succumb to the down-times, remain conscientious in the recollective equipoise of Higher Truths.

Fifth yin: Remain impartial in the face of unpredictable-situations and rely upon primordial counsel to work things out.

You don’t want to be married-to unfavorable outcomes. Remain uncommitted until such time that the Primordial Mentor counsels otherwise.

Sixth yin: The citadel-walls are crumbling. Do not act!

All tranquility has subsided and your best laid plans are collapsing in the face of unsurmountable odds. The only solution is to be submissive to the Unborn Will and wait until a Higher Resolution is revealed.

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