15. Rectitude

hex 15

Amoghasiddhi Acts


This hexagram is ruled by Amoghasiddhi who is the primordial-agent of Right Karmic Action. Old karma goes into remission and is transformed into All-Accomplishing Wisdom. The Noble One now weighs all things and balances them with a spirit of rectitude that emanates from an equitable position within the Unborn. The true meaning of modesty is when one always follows-through with an impeccable vision fixated on immutable truths.

Uproot old grievances and reach-out knowing full well that in doing so you are acting as an agent of change for the Higher Good.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: Cross the great divide with a humble and undivided spirit.

Be reticent in the full assurance that primordial agents always have your back.

Second yin: The deeper one’s modest reserve, the greater the recognition that success is assured.

Remain flexible and receptive to divine guidance under all circumstances; a humble and contrite spirit is always favored over the mad-desire to force the issue that is sure to result in humiliating defeat.

Third yang: Do not bask in the admiration by others.

Do not relish in being admired by others or else risk the demon of pride to gain a sure-footing over all your affairs.

Fourth yin: Cultivate a spirit of rectitude at all costs.

All will be propitious for those who cultivate rectitude.

Fifth yin: Now is the favorable time to begin new ventures.

Go forward without undermining the need to discern right and well-informed courses of action.

Sixth yin: Disarm false-modesty.

Forgo the demon of self-righteousness by remaining taciturn and self-reserved.

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