Preponderance of the Small

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18. Preponderance of the Small

hex 18

Amoghasiddhi’s Stillpoint


The mind needs to be emptied of all superfluous extractions emanating from the temporal order for the preponderance of the primordial order to take ascendancy within the very heart of stillness Itself—Amoghasiddhi’s Stillpoint. This is the hidden-point of Light enshrouded with Divine Darkness, a darkness that is more incredibly luminous and thus outshining the garish-light of the noon-day sun.

The time is thus suitable for small-matters rather than taking on great ones that can deplete the very oxygen of the soul; what truly matters is the small-affair, the affair of being active in stillness and never attempting to go beyond the Great Satisfaction that resides in the permanent position of the Unborn Alone.

All that is needed now is restful tranquility that never strays far from the alpha and omega point that can only be discerned in Translucent Darkness.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: Icarus flies too near the sun—certain destruction.

Steer well-clear of self-fancies that will send you spiraling downwards into the bog of misfortune and regret—don’t spread wings that are far from being spiritually developed.

Second yin: Nothing can be resolved at this junction. Grasp old grandfather’s hand and wait.

No-thought coming from within, not attempting to penetrate outward dimensions thus not allowing any external disturbance to adulterate what has long-been gained—this is the preponderance of the small avoiding all extremes.

Third yang: Take care to procure precautions. This will forestall any long-term adversity.

Without appropriate precautionary care, the slightest demon will slay you dead in your tracks.

Fourth yang: Remain inwardly secure but outwardly flexible. Realization is only attained through supple endurance.

Do not give-in to the wild boar of immediate sensate gratification. Lithely glide hand in hand and yield the matter to primordial agents.

Fifth yin: Dense clouds appear on the horizon but no moisture falls.

Distrust of the league of extraordinary sages leaves the adept dry and vacant—there is no one at home to attend to self-correction and assess modest gains.

Sixth yin: The scattered-head bird succumbs to the North Wind.

Attempting flight into unknown variables without the proper compass of Right Direction invites self-injury and calamity.

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