19. Standstill

hex 19

Amoghasiddhi Confined


The primordial is always preserved even in the midst of temporal abnormalities. Amoghasiddhi is confined yet his standstill is an efficacious one. What matters in this time of immobility is solidifying ones inner-resolve to enliven the Unborn Mind whilst dissolving all apparent mundane vexations in the superior-stream of Bodhi.

Once stabilized in the Unborn all circumferential concerns pale in comparison with the essential-nuclei that harbors no emotional link to the passing orbit bearing defiled sentiment of no good value.

Remain steadfast and true and thus cultivate Right Assessment under all conditions.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: No coming and no going—standstill!

Observe passing phenomena with the carefree passion of a yearling.

Second yin: Adversity persists—no fault. 

Adverse circumstances are as they are. Do not direct any blame and remain dispassionate.

Third yang: Proceeding is unwarranted—turn back!

Turn-about and restore equanimity.

Fourth yin: Forming associations is now favorable.

Forming good spiritual alliances is imperative at this junction.

Fifth yang: Spiritual advocates arrive on the scene—good fortune!

Dharma protectors are interceding on your behalf—most auspicious.

Sixth yin: Acquiesce to Primordial Agents.

Seeking the aid of the Primordials benefits not only self but others as well.

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