20. Deliverance

hex 20

Akshobhya’s Ablution


A spiritual cleansing is at hand as Akshobhya’s Ablution washes-away past discord and strife within his primordial-pool of adamantine abeyance. This is a time of renewal and a rekindling of Noble aspirations leading to complete and unobstructed adherence to core principles within the Unborn. While much has been wasted more is now regained in rejuvenating spirit’s quest for deliverance from all disharmonious stimuli and sodalities.

This spontaneous liberation is a portent of coming good fortune as celestial and sentient agencies collaborate together in Right Allegiance of primordial order and ascendancy. Deliverance has issued reassurance that all is now unfolding as it should.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: Freedom from error.

Go forward in confident assurance that this renewal is for all time.

Second yang: Right Allegiance clears the way for unfolding virtues.

Be not ashamed—bear your head high in Noble Stature.

Third yin: Revisiting the burden invites enemies to rejoice.

Incessant falling-back on old belief patterns and habitual unsound tendencies brings on humiliation at the hand of undesirable elements.

Fourth yang: Remove your big toe—no blame!

Dependence upon the big toe is indicative of being able to move but not walking forward in the ways of spirit’s primacy. Cut it off and the Right Companion will come and relieve you of the burden.

Fifth yin: Only the Noble Ones bring release.

Don’t listen to the vexatious imp on your shoulder, shake it off and learn to stand on the shoulders of only those who can issue Right Release.

Sixth yin: Artemis’ arrow slays the hawk—all is favorable!

All perversity is dispersed—deliverance is finalized.

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  1. Ary.brh says:

    You are the Light in the dark tunnel, my friend. Thank you.

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