The Celestial Adornment


22. The Celestial Adornment

hex 22

Amoghasiddhi Adorned


The hexagram resonates Amoghasiddhi Adorned with Amitabha’s Luminous Blaze. One can now rest in the highest good with a Natural Illumination that brings clarification and insight into unresolved issues. Hence this is the celestial illuminous hue that descends and promises confident success and quiet assurance under the protective mantle and guidance of divine intervention.

Grace is the transcendent function of the Unborn as it dissolves all barriers and initiates a spirit of affection for THAT alone which ushers in the nurturing tide of Noble Wisdom and adorns one with the brocade of deathlessness. Surrender to this grace and untold blessings will unfold like a thousand-petaled Lotus Flower.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: Adorning feet alight on unsoiled ground.

Walk with the Tathagatas and celebrate unbounded autonomy in Self-reliance.

Second yin: Adorn the unbridled Willpower of Primordial Mediators.

Take freedom in acquiescing to Superiors in the know.

Third yang: Adorn yourself with unhindered exuberance.

Be forever steadfast and true under the yoke and tutelage of Celestial Agencies.

Fourth yin: The adorned White Steed is looked upon with suspicion.

Others callously blacken your resolve, but go forward in spite of them all and ride high on the currents of divine initiative.

Fifth yin: Adornment in the grove is short-lived.

Temporay setbacks but go forward in confidence of long-term gains.

Sixth yang: Simple adornment is best.

This is the merging of firmness and flexibility—all in due time.

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  1. Ary.brh says:

    Thank you again, for this. I know how it sounds, but these posts have really resonated within and speak volumes to my current experiences. I don’t wish to engage in superfluous articulation, as these experiences are only relevant to those involved, but thanks again. You have no idea how much help you and this site has been.

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