24. Renewal

hex 24

Ratnasambhava’s Return


A dark night has run its course. A turning-point is tipping in your favor. The foundation is restored: Ratnasambhava’s Return. The light is returning after a long absence and spiritual-renewal is at hand. Rejoice in your Light-Body and soar to new vistas that are appearing on the horizon. Now is a favorable time to undertake new goals as a radiant star is leading you to the promised Buddha-field of enlightened-virtues and no small spiritual realizations.

Observe all that is unfolding in a spirit of gratitude and welcome the return of the Rising Sun with renewed purpose and diligent resolve to faithfully conduct yourself as a Light-Bearer in the Unborn.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: Return before the bough breaks—good fortune.

No need to venture too far out. All that is required is already self-sustained.

Second yin: Be tolerant of the position of others.

Avoid vainglorious behavior by upholding the reverent kindness of the Unborn.

Third yin: Many Happy Returns.

Repeated virtue is never shamed and should never be shunned.

Fourth yin: A solitary return is best.

In the absence of like-minded resilient ones, a solitary return is required. One often finds the best company in solitude.

Fifth yin: Return attentively—no regrets.

The best renewal is an attentive one; this is mirrored in self-examination.

Sixth yin: A thwarted return—misfortune!

Deviating from the Noble Path will result in inevitable ruin. Turn-about with a renewed zeal.

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