26. Maturation

hex 26

Vairochana’s Vantagepoint


Spiritual Maturity consists in the great buildup of divine virtues that arise in Wisdom’s Ascension from the Mountain of Primordial Perfection: Vairochana’s Vantagepoint from Amoghasiddhi’s Primordial Mount. The Noble One studiously assimilates the tutelage of ancient sages and pays ongoing respect and reverence for the Holy Dharma of old.

Never deviate from the path of the worthy Shining Ones and continue to fervently uphold the banner of Right Righteousness in the face of all trials and tribulations.

The hexagram also represents the nurturing of the spiritual embryo* thus incubating the unfathomable stature of the Unborn One. In cultivating this Supreme Spiritual Maturation one will gain sure entry into Celestial Mansions untold.

* In Unborn Mind Zen this represents Amoghasiddhi’s All-Accomplishing Wisdom generating bodhicitta through sambodhi and arising throughout the chakras as the bodhichild awakens and begins to see with Vairochana’s Noble Wisdom-Eye of the Tathagatas; this is known as the Divine formation of the Holy Matrix.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: Danger ahead! Do not advance.

Make no attempt to avert the rising tide of obstacles. Endure all that comes with Right Restraint.

Second yang: The wheel is devoid of its axle. No movement is best.

Just rest easy in the Unborn until things get moving again.

Third yang: A swift moving steed. Persistence in the face of the problem will always win an advantage.

Perseverance is the very openness to developing and fine-tuning a mature and Recollective Resolve in assuring success of a higher-order of spiritual resourcefulness.

Fourth Yin: Yoke the Ox and develop discipline of mind. Good fortune.

Quieten the anxious mind and usher-in the discipline of the spirit.

Fifth yin: Claim the tusks of the neutered boar. Many blessings unfold.

Castrate all disruptive desires by nurturing firmness and potency of spirit.

Sixth yang: Attain the way of heaven. Spiritual Transformation is assured.

All obstacles have been transcended. The crown of Great Virtue awaits.

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