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27. Sustenance

hex 27

Amoghasiddhi the Sustainer


The hexagram illustrates being fed by a Higher Source for all of one’s sustainable needs: Amoghasiddhi the Sustainer. As Lord of Karmic-Action Amoghasiddhi draws and provides the sustenance necessary to withstand and thwart all the designs of the evil one. Spiritually, stillness nurtures action. In the dark-womb the spiritual child lies quite still as it develops into a bodhisattva of adamantine beauty and grace.

Now is not the time to sit idly by in fantasy but rather to spark the flame of eternal vidyā in word, thought, and action. The true disciple of the Unborn seeks the Noble Truth(s) first and foremost in all one’s endeavors thus engaging in Right Direction under the Right Counsel of the Primordials.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: The sacred tortoise is ignored—misfortune!

You are not nourishing the sacred inner but rather seeking outwardly for sustenance. Your head is about to be severed if you stick it out too far.

Second yin: Running for the hills is not an option.

Seeking solace far from the maddening crowd is only a temporary respite. Learn to stand your ground with every spiritual-provision at your disposal.

Third yin: Turning your back on Primordial Providers.

If you neglect the Higher Good being offered to you be prepared to wallow in your lowliness.

Fourth yin: Look to the summit for satisfaction.

Noble ascension is the best course in gaining Right Stature in the Unborn. It is here that you keep suitable spiritual company.

Fifth yin: Abandon normative procedures. Seek only what is above.

Cross over the river of despair—keep your sights exclusively on higher horizons.

Sixth yang: Sustenance is a two-edged sword.

Having received nourishment be primed to nurture others in return.

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