28. Resolution

hex 28

Amitabha’s Hearthstone


You have arrived at a point of resolution in your affairs. It is time to take assessments and plan accordingly for the future. All is well and comfortable in the homestead: Amitabha’s Hearthstone. Right Persistence continues to be the rule of the day as one is called to foresee coming obstacles and take resolute action as the situation dictates. While all is well it is not the time to let your guard down as negative forces are still prowling about.

The hexagram symbolizes a kettle of water coming to boil upon an open flaming brazier. This is Akshobhya’s mystic adamantine waters becoming fueled with Amitabha’s lighted fire of discriminative wisdom resulting in an embodied spiritual transformation that burns-away all excess karmic residue. The task at hand is to preserve this elixir by continually nurturing the inward illumination whilst simultaneously warding off all external hazards.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: Breaking the wheels of the chariot.

Prudent action is best.

Second yin: The woman loses her headdress. Do not pursue.

Wait seven days and your objective will be attained.

Third yang: The emperor pursues and overcomes the barbarians in three years.

Never employ inferior stock, they will only slow you down in pursuing your goals.

Fourth yin: Plug-up loose ends. Be watchful for trouble.

Cover your back and remain on the alert as there is trouble brewing ahead.

Fifth yang: An east wind slaughters the ox. Action in the west proves more favorable.

Better timing comes in the opposite direction. Take heed.

Sixth yin: Do not lose your head over the matter.

Properly assess the situation before moving forward lest losing your head in haste.

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