The Abyss


29. The Abyss

hex 29

Akshobhya Submerged


Abyss upon abyss—inevitable ruin! All about you is sucking-you-in but the trick is to not resist the overpowering current by going with the tide and upholding yourself with unwavering virtue. Continue to conduct yourself as a Noble Light Warrior by abandoning emotional overflow and keeping true to Right Engagement that will always set matters calm again.

While there apparently is no immediate solution to the predicament uphold yourself above and beyond the mad desire for the quick fix by trusting in the Primordial Mentor whose higher-expertise will gradually unfold the resolution for you.

Remain resolute, unattached and supple like an untethered soul who places unwavering trust in higher agencies that will always win the day.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: Consistent impediments block the path.

Dark hazards are springing up all over. Remain composed and resolute in the Recollective Resolve until Right Resolvement is established.

Second yang: Dangers are awaiting to ambush you in the abyss.

Don’t get bushwhacked! Make moderate gains until the worst is over.

Third yin: You have fallen through the dark fissures—don’t despair!

Climbing out of the maelstrom is hard work but backsliding is far worse!

Fourth yin: A jug of wine is lowered into your dark confinement; accept whatever aid comes your way.

Be content with slow progress. Agitation will only worsen your apparent fate.

Fifth yang: The abyss is not yet filled to overflowing.

Your head still rises above the abyss. Don’t anticipate recovery any time soon. Ambition for the quick resolve will only exasperate the situation. Wait.

Sixth yin: Held in bondage with black ropes for three years.

There is no apparent resolution to the problem but only the sense of being held in bondage for quite some time. Learn to make a friend of the darkness.

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