30. Luminosity

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Amitabha’s Luminous Hue


Amitabha’s Luminous Hue signifies that the Noble One’s persistence lights the Flame of Eternal Truth that radiates a billion-fold Dharma-field encompassing all dharmata. Clinging to Right Observance illuminates all thus highlighting inexhaustible spiritual principles enlightening the way to the best course of action under all circumstances. This is the good fortune of illumination that knows no bounds thus encompassing both inner and outer realms of conjunctional penetrations.

Consistently clinging to these principles opens the way to all that is superior within yourself.  Never doubt that this luminous hue is the way, the truth, and the life. Deviating from this course if even for an instant allows the evil one to gain a sure foothold. Light-it-out all the way and never look back.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: Approach all with reverential steps.

Always be respectful and never lose your higher-purpose.

Second yin: The yellow flame burns best.

A most auspicious element of Unborn Light is shining in your favor.

Third yang: The sun is setting—most ominous.

You have shirked your duty as Keeper of the Flame and it is now being extinguished.

Fourth yang: Look! Its coming is abrupt, forsake it not!

The sudden-light of inspiration fades away fast—seize the moment!

Fifth yin: There is weeping and lamentation, yet there is reason to celebrate.

There is a change of heart—good fortune!

Sixth yang: The Flaming Majesty vanquishes his foes. 

The True Flame is never extinguished. Proceed confidently.

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