33. Obeisance

hex 33

Amoghasiddhi Submissive


Paying homage to the Primordials is a propitious responsibility. Amoghasiddhi is submissive to Vairochana’s divine and Dharmatic Rule. Respect and allegiance to the Dark Principle latent within the soul is a lost art. Recover that art now and know the Buddhagnosis that is reserved for those few Noble Ones who have made their abode in the Sugatagarbha. Disengaging from all superfluous tasks and doing the one necessary thing is the beginning of Noble Wisdom. The one necessary thing is turning-about from all defiled garbha and laying your burden down at the feet of the Tathagatas.

Noble Obeisance to higher agencies assures that all of one’s efforts are never done in vain but rather a tilling the celestial soil in preparation for auspicious revelations to come. Remain steadfast and true and faithfully allow the Shining Ones to lead you safely and propitiously to the other shore.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: Disengage and retreat into stillness.

The odds are against you. Retreat in solitude until further primordial-advice is revealed.

Second yin: The Black Dragon is hard to tether.

A higher-will is intervening on your behalf. Don’t struggle and allow IT to come through.

Third yang: Lower mind-stuff is attempting to block your withdrawal into solitude. Root it out!

Influences from the lower regions of the body consciousness are dragging you away from your Recollective Resolve. Invoke the aid of the Primordials and thwart their attacks.

Fourth yang: The stubbornness of your carnal-will is winning the day—obey it not!

Put on the Mind of the Unborn and know true deliverance.

Fifth yang: Make an orderly retreat.

Retreating now is not cowardly but efficaciously the wisest choice.

Sixth yang: Cheerfully accept your subordinate position.

There is no shame in accepting your lowliness in the presence of supernal associations. Bow in obeisance to their higher and nobler position.

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