The Power of the Great


34. The Power of the Great

hex 34

Vairochana the Cosmic Buddha


Vairochana is the Cosmic Master, the Matrix of the Buddha Sun and is representative of the unobstructed field of the Dharmakaya. His greatness consists in upholding the Dharmakayic Element within man and his Dharmachakra-mudra keeps the great teaching wheel of the Buddhadharma in motion. The hexagram reveals that you have internalized his efficacious Dharma-strength through the contemplation of higher Primordial Principles.

One must not forget that in Unborn I Ching it is the power of the Primordial Mentor that bestows this blessing upon you. By fostering patience and persistence places you directly in the righteous course of the Illuminated One. Thus the Illumined Way is the Right Course to follow and in doing so you uphold this Dharmakayic Principle in your Body, Speech, and Mind.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: Power in the feet—an inauspicious time.

In the utilization of Great Power one must first empty oneself and learn to wait before proceeding further, for without the Right Direction from Cosmic mediation one is doomed to repeat past mistakes.

Second yang: Right Rectitude is a most auspicious stance.

It bodes well to remain upright and true for this is the power behind self-mastery.

Third yang: Inferior forces are challenging your patience. Don’t force the issue. Wait upon higher guidance.

Trying to assert yourself now will only result in dire consequences.

Fourth yang: The hedgerow opens, no further entanglements.

Right Perseverance pays off royally.

Fifth yin: Refrain from instigating harsh measures—no regrets.

Remain mellow and non-judgmental in dealing with others.

Sixth yin: Inability to withdraw or advance.

If you struggle with adverse conditions you will only entangle yourself further in them. Do not initiate any action but still maintain your ground. This too shall pass.

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