Closing Reflection: Unborn I Ching


It’s interesting how the 36 hexagrams that comprise this singular I Ching system ends on a number that coincides with another number (45) constituting the whole of the Dragon Mind of Zen Tarot, in that when respectively broken down and added up equals the number 9. As mentioned in that also singular series, the Arcanum number 9 is assigned to the Hermit, or the one who seeks deep spiritual solitude.


In Unborn I Ching the Hermit is represented by the Primordial Mentor, that Celestial Guide who is always near at hand to direct the spiritual growth and self-transcendence of the adept. Another depiction of the Hermit is as follows:

Happy Fish Tarot

In the Unborn I Ching the tortoise is a recurring motif. Indeed, the tortoise has the capacity to “withdraw within” taking the necessary action of self-withdrawal from the surrounding environment and prudently contemplating long and hard before taking that next step into the unknown.

The 36 hexagrams also reflect the primordial-energies of the Five Dhyani Buddhas and how they appear and interact within a given set of circumstances. Meditating upon the Unborn I Ching empowers one to have a clear-insight into how these primordial agencies appear and orchestrate the movement of hidden spiritual elixirs within the adept. This is determined by their position in the hexagram.

This series also highlights just how close the presence and influence of the Primordials is and how they are always ready to respond and intercede on behalf of the diligent adept. Spiritual growth is not the affair of some isolated persona but rather an interaction with Divine associations that enhance and enlighten the way forward in the perennial Quest for the Unborn.

A good way to experience the Unborn I Ching is to create a set of laminated cards, the same process that was incurred in the Dragon Mind of Zen Tarot. Of course these cards are not to be used for commercial purposes but are meant exclusively for personal use. Below are examples:

budtra  turtle

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