36. Progression

hex 36

Ratnasambhava’s Radiance


The very Earth, Ratnasambhava’s footstool, is ablaze with an inner-vivacity radiating in all ten directions. The Noble One now reflects in his Self the glory of Primordial virtues. The time is ripe for advancing forward guided by Amitabha’s Eternal Flame of Discriminating Wisdom shimmering high above the hexagram. It is also a time to reflect just how far we have distanced ourselves from the darkness of inferior influences. One also recognizes that this progression was not self-induced, but far more a Divine Initiative that was emblazoned within the heart.

Owning this progress begins by remaining consistent with inner core-values, principles that decree the transcendent merits of Noble Wisdom Itself. Following this Illuminative Way eclipses all false paths and induces the superiority of Royal Staturehood in the Unborn.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: The progress is beset with challenges. Do not falter but proceed forward.

Continue progressing with no fear of declension. The Primordials have your back.

Second yin: The progress is limited by periods of grieving.

Grieving for what is lost is a natural phenomenon. Take time to walk through it before advancing further.

Third yin: All is in accord—no regrets.

All former grieving and regrets have been dispelled. Time to move on.

Fourth yang: Advancing too fast presents a serious risk.

Do not over-engage but proceed with prudent moderation.

Fifth yin: All former vexations have been quarantined. Advance now in confidence.

No longer focus on gain or loss but progress forever onwards with assurance of success.

Sixth yang: Harsh treatment of others will lead to your downfall.

Remain tolerant of others with their imperfections. Only be aggressive in eliminating your own inadequacies.

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