Hungry Ghosts


Those who decidedly cling to their unfulfilled sensual desires are like Hungry Ghosts never having their fill. An eternal feast on crumbs that never satisfy. They are the spiritually famished who continually open their rancid dry-mouths in dire yearnings for just a taste of something that would fulfill their insatiable thirst. They even begin to feed upon each other in some languorous hope of filling up their despondent emptiness. Thus does the demon of sexual perversion lord it over our sickened, diseased and weary culture. All of these appetites are wearisome because they agitate and weary the spirit just as the wind disturbs the calm surface of the ocean. Oh how these voracious sensual appetites consume the unwary soul! An endless eating-away at their nothingness like an incurable itch until they are freed from being bound by the tortuous cords of the rack.

Another kind of harm the appetites inflict upon the wretched soul is spiritual blindness and an enshrouding darkness. This form of unwholesome darkness subdues and prevents the supernal-wisdom from shining through and bestowing illumination and abiding comfort. As the psalmist exclaimed, “I am surrounded by my iniquities and I am unable to see!” Because of this darkening of the intellect itself one’s will-power becomes weak and the memory itself dull and disordered. Today’s answer is to heap more materialistic misery upon the blinded mind thus keeping it in perpetual longing for something that can never fill the emptiness and torment.

The perpetual ignorance of incessant longing to satisfy the mad appetites is most lamentable. If only one would devote their time and energy in denouncing this carnal-spirit and begin a self-empowerment of the renunciation of excessive desires, they would profit more in a month than in years of endless self-torment. If one would only awaken and finally see how this blindness and affectual appetites rob them from even a glimpse of the Supernal-Light that awaits them on the other shore of Divine Satisfaction, then they would know the folly of leaving these mortal enemies unmortified. They would self-realize that the appetites always sap the strength needed for the perseverance in Noble Wisdom and Virtue. Most assuredly, then, leaving the appetites unbridled they will successfully attend to what the offspring of a viper are prone to accomplish inside their mother: Growing within her they consume her entrails and finally destroy her, remaining alive at her expense. Thus so will the unmortified sensual appetites and desires consume one’s spirit that is far from the Unborn Mind; they are all that is left in the soul of the anguished—like one big raging-mass of virus.

It is most apparent that the adept is called upon daily to “clean house” and keep these vile vipers at bay. For to reach union with the Unborn one must be freed from every appetite, however slim it may be. Thus, one must not give-in and consent to their imperfections. This is only accomplished by entering into the dark night of the senses. By this method one should always endeavor to leave the senses in total darkness, mortified and empty of their fitful-thirst for endless satisfactions that can never be fulfilled. Under this perpetual Recollective Vigilance, one will see a vast improvement in just a short-period of time.

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