Infused Contemplation


The Dark Night of the Spirit is an inflowing of the Unborn Spirit. It purges the Unborn Mind adept of all imperfections, both natural, psychophysical and spiritual. This is known by contemplatives as “Infused Contemplation”. This is also when celestial agencies transmit secret gnosis and perfects the adept in the Unitive Way of the Unborn. The adept does not move an inch nor is required to use the reasoning faculty. All natural faculties are now subdued in order to receive the Dark Contemplation that is reserved for those few shining ones who dare enter such illuminating heights of the Spirit. The same Transcendent Wisdom that blesses such spiritual pilgrims on other planes of existence now descends upon those who will incur the Great Silent Illumination on the sultry planes of this saha-world.

Many wonder why this Spiritual Transforming Light is called the dark night. Yea, this transformative wonder is not only a night and darkness to the spirit but also like an avenging angel that instills terror into the natural heart that is imprisoned within mortal coils. The insignificant impurity of the psychophysical soul is as if scorched by the Pure and unadulterated Light of the Unborn. The more brilliant the Dark Rays of this Supernal Sun the more blinding it is to the samsaric wayfarer. Hence, when the Divine Light pierces the spirit that is not yet illumined, the result is a spiritual darkness that descends upon the shaken adept—transcending all former limitations while at the same time darkening the natural and impoverished faculties. Dionysius the Areopagite and other mystics refer to this Infused Contemplation as a “ray of darkness”, wherein the limitations of the discursive mind is overpowered and transformed by this resilient Supernal-Light.

This Divinely-Infused Contemplation is marvelously Illuminating; the lowly spirit that gazes upon such Spiritual Majesty yet has not been cleansed of all its defilements experiences a form of misery unlike any other. Because such contrasting contraries cannot co-exist side by side, the adept will undergo untold suffering. The spirit itself becomes like a battlefield wherein these two contraries wage an incessant war. When such beautiful and unsoiled Light invades the darkened spirit, its unworthy faculties cry out in abject abandonment, “Oh Holy Light—why have you laid such a heavy burden upon me?!”

Gradually illumined by this Holy Light, yet plunged into such darkness, the spirit comes face to face with its own impurities. Yea, the Dark Ray of the Unborn reveals that one, of their own feeble limitations, will sorely remain as such. The adept’s mind is naturally so spiritually insubstantial that the Dark Ray assails it like the angry gales of a hurricane. Unendurable weakness is the result, yet such spiritual assaults gradually transforms the spirit into an adamantine fortress, unbending in the face of all evil.

Thus, the joining of two extremes—mortal and divine—is an excruciating event. Infused Contemplation, therefore, strips the spirit bare of all former habitual attachments and affections that pale in comparison to such overtures by divine agencies. Stripped naked, the adept’s spirit can no longer rest free and easy in insubstantial images of fleeting comfort, but is now exposed to the imageless elements of such unbending Spiritual Resolve that can only see one through the purifications yet to come.

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