The Edge of Illumination


Even though the Holy Darkness of the Spirit disassembles the adept’s mindset, it does so only to illumine the ways of the Unborn thus emptying all former natural inclinations and instilling a mindset that becomes privy to all Divine associations. Without this purification the adept’s spirit would be unable to partake in Divine Gnosis and Wisdom and taste the delectability of all spiritual delights. Thus, if the spirit is to enter into this Supernal-Realization, the Dark Contemplation needs to annihilate all inferior tendencies. Yea, the Unborn Light that is forthcoming is so pure and of the highest degree, only one purified in such manner can withstand its Bright Wonder and thus enter into Undivided Union with the Bodhimind.

The nature of this Union is very subtle and IT’s Transcendent Love (Agape) surpasses all former associations (both natural and spiritual) and thus overrides all desire, for the ONLY desire left is to taste this Divine Sweetness. The spirit is also so finely-tempered by the fire of this Holy Darkness that even Mara and all his minions are powerless under Its imageless hue. The transformation is nearing completion and the adept’s spirit overflows with abundant Primordial Blessings. This is the substance of Union with the Unborn Mind. No natural heart could never even begin to hope to imagine this ethereal import. As the prophet exclaimed, “Eye has not seen nor has ear heard nor has it entered into the heart of man THAT which the Divine Spirit has prepared.”

An ineffable supernal sensation overshadows the adept, one that is accompanied with a Generous Gnosis of all things, both human and divine. The refined spirit no longer utilizes ordinary knowledge, yea it looks upon such trinkets with spiritual eyes that are as different from such vagrant and purported normalities as divine-sight is from human. Everything seems so strange and quite-other from what it used to be. The Dark Contemplation has completed its task of drawing the adept away from former customary feelings for such things. All-about, the spirit has a supernal-sense of the Unborn and Absolute. One’s former suffering seems to be transported far and beyond. It’s during this stage that the adept begins to wonder if one is under some form of spell. The all-encompassing ambience seems so peculiarly different, but in truth nothing has been altered. It’s as if the adept’s spirit is becoming a stranger to itself. The spirit now experiences a peace so exquisite that it yearns for no-thing else.

In actuality, the adept’s spirit is becoming illumined by the Holy Dark Night of Divine Illumination. When all one’s previous imperfections have been ignited on this pyre of Dark Light, what remains is an ecstatic-joy! One beams with a luminosity not of this world. [Yet], one must not assume that the final and Actualized Union with the Unborn is complete. There are still, even at this most advanced an illumined stage further and more subtle purifications to come. If the adept begins to wonder if and when the next wave of purification is to occur, he/she is immediately besieged all over again. This realization is of critical-import. If one even slightly wonders about “further waves to come”, then this is a sure indication that one still is impeded by karmic-seeds deeply-rooted in the darkest corners of the Alaya-receptacle and will need to be purged from their influence before the ecstatic-union can occur. No-thing can be left lingering behind in Mara’s dark reservoir awaiting its chance to rear its ugly influence yet again. The Actual-Union will be a spontaneous occurrence, without any second-guessing involved, as the demon of delay and doubt would have been effectively and irrevocably expunged.

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