Mystical Coitus


As the Dark Contemplation reforms the mindset, it also at the same time instills it with the Light of Holy Gnosis. This mystic stimulus ignites the will and transfigures it into the flame of Divine Vitality. The mind and spirit of the adept are enflamed with an untold richness and eternal delight. One can now taste the Divine Essence, hinting at the perfect mystical coitus with the Unborn. This would have been impossible without the prior extensive purification-process. For such a perfect Divine Union is devoid of any defiled-garbha. The spirit is cleansed and healed by the darkening of the interior faculties, thus emptying all formal obstructions and refining it with an incomparable Wisdom.

In this fashion, the adept dies to all that is not in perfected-harmony with the Unborn Mind. It sheds its withered skin of sensate contamination and is clothed afresh with Luminous Unborn Light. This is the consummated infusion of the will with the Divine Will and is nothing less than anuttara samyak sambodhi. The spirit is now one with the Unborn Spirit. Nirvana is won. It is more celestial than human. A reflection of the Dharmakaya Itself. What has happened to the adept at this junction? One’s former affiliation with samsaric-incarceration is darkened as one is illumined with supernal-gratification. All former karmic-seeds have dried-up. The faculties themselves have become empty and inadequate. Once the faculties are rendered-mute, the spirit is no longer impeded by them. This is the Supreme Moment when the spirit is freed from the former adversaries: the saha-world and the Spirit of Evil. Mara no longer has an admission-ticket in which to wage spiritual warfare. Thus, through emptiness and darkness, the spirit walks freely unhindered. The spirit that was once obstructed is now transfigured and made whole in the Unborn. Only when the old-self dies is one’s spirit tempered to savor the sweetness of the sacred union. Unless the Master of Unborn Light is communicating directly, the spirit is not empowered to taste him spiritually. Yea, Spiritual Blessings are not ordered from the mundane to the divine, rather they come directly from the Unborn Essence thus perfuming the sentient mindset.

We know what a difficult life this can be. We are exposed to constant danger and turmoil and it becomes so difficult to discern the false from the true. Oftentimes we flee from THAT which Alone brings Wholeness and Satisfaction. What we need to do is to turn a blind-eye to Mara’s domain and walk freely in Divine Darkness. This, then, is the source of our protection. Hidden from the garish-face of a soiled humanity, the Dark Contemplation fortifies us from profane existence. The spirit has only one purpose now and that is to pay fervent homage to the Unborn. This is the eternal-linkage within that most delectable field of the Dharmakaya. This is Eternal Sweetness; there is no other.

It is only by the Translucent Darkness of Illumination that the Light of Holy Gnosis can be transmitted. The spirit learns to absorb this supernal-truth that is ineffable—Secret. At this final stage of the spirit’s journey—Ascending the Noble Mountain of Primordial Perfection, the former influence of the fragmented-self is powerless to prevent the inevitable Ascendancy of the Unborn. One dwells in the center—the sanctum sanctorum of the Unborn Mind. This Holy Communion is complete and is forever sealed against all evil. The former ravaging discursive-mindset is still at last. One enjoys perpetual Spiritual Tranquility. Oh Sweet Primordial Darkness, through you we have found our most perfect rest!

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