The Zen that is quicker than lightning.

Once upon a time a good mind of the way transported its body to a supposed place of a great Mind Master,  as to inquire into the mystery of the Buddhadharma.

Once its body, and main source of self-reliance, reached the peak of a high mountain, there inside a cave with no external light reaching in, the Mind Master awaited the students arrival in IT´s usual state of mahasamadhi, granting the student the karmic vision of an old withered body in a worn out2016-02-04 13-25-27 robe, sitting comfortably behind a good fire.

The good mind of the way, struck with awe of finally having found its great source of wisdom, bowed its body in deep veneration for that which sat before it.

Mind Master: Who or what is your old karma bowing to?

Student: What I bow to is not of this world,  yet I have come a long way to meet this source of noble wisdom and thus finally  here, after an arduous jorney, I couldn´t but bow my old karma in its presence.

Mind Master: There is no noble wisdom here, son. Return to your place of origin and find your answers there.

Student: How do I do that? After this great journey I have already forgotten my way back.

Mind Master: Look at that fire before you illuminating this dark cave, revealing the conditioned composition in your consciousness field of an old man sitting on the other side of said fire. Likewise, though quicker than lightning, you have to catch IT red handed right before IT´s acts of instant illumination!

Student: How is that even remotely possible?

Mind Master: Your mind perfectly at rest, like were it a perfect wall without any  image rendered upon it, or a great lake free of external or internal disturbances, any sudden ripple or image arised upon IT´s body  is instantly pointing back to its source of origin. Where the one and former is full and self-evident via the grace of its own perfect radiance and wisdom, the latter and many are empty of said noble wisdom, and merely a reverberating, interactive play of shadows and light.

Student: I see. If thus, what then?

Mind Master: Then, as IT enjoys your full trust with no obstacles from your past, muddling the vision of its pure radiance,  let IT lead you home as it has done for all true bodhisattvas since beginningless time.

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