Dharmakaya Abbey

                      Dharmakaya Abbey

Located in the heart of the Mohawk Valley on 7.8 beautiful acres of land, Dharmakaya-Abbey offers a monastic-venue for individual and group retreats in a relaxing setting that is conducive for peaceful and meditative repose. The monastic-rhythm of the day provides a contemplative dimension in which retreatants and guests are invited to observe and participate in the monk’s devotion to the Five Dhyāni Buddhas. Traditionally, these Buddhas represent the Five-Wisdoms of the Dharma-Body (Transcendent Truth Body–Dharmakaya) that signify principles of Enlightenment in Buddhism. The rhythm of the monastic-day revolves around these Principal Buddhas of Meditation: Akshobhya, Amoghasiddhi, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha and Vairocana Buddhas; also, the daily recitation of The Little Office of Our Lady of the Void. Once a week (usually on Sunday) the monks celebrate a liturgical-setting, the Divine Liturgy of Vajrasattva, which is offered in the Abbey’s chapel.


This is more than just wishful, possible-positive thinking. It is leap-year, a time for a leap-in-vision as well. The shortcut in all this is envisioning Mind’s-vision of already embracing this reality. On the Dharmakayic and Sambhogakayic planes this is already occurring—a sort of parallel reality if you will. The trick is not to become bogged-down in old-realities that have nothing to do with this Mind vision. This also goes the same for trying to do battle with the old mind-set; doing battle is the same thing as agreeing with it. There is no holding-back here—a let’s wait and see what can “possibly” happen with this. Don’t be overly concerned with the “hows” and “whens” and “ifs”, just be AS IT IS already. Infinitude handles all the rest.

All this has to do with a shift in consciousness to this Reality. How to go about this? You don’t. One doesn’t do anything but simply allow the shift to occur AS IT WILL. The Nirmanakayic-manifestation will occur gradually and in ITS own time and way. Hence, it’s not so much a sense of wanting to “create-something” as it is of embracing THAT REALITY which is already nearby. One just gradually becomes aware of THAT which is already there.

Also, instead of just observing this vision, fully enter into it as one who is already experiencing the reality with complete fulfillment in IT. In the days and weeks to come enter fully into this Mind-vision; this entails not waiting or hoping for it to come, but rather gradually enfleshing it out, with whatever comes.

Envisioning with Mind creates a vibration that interacts with the Sambogakayic-continuum, so be As-One with the vibration in this new environment. You can even taste and smell and feel the monastic-engagements already occurring.  This is a natural spiritual ability, so allow it to simply flow-through.

It’s best to no longer look at this but rather as IT—AS IT IS. In this sense one shifts from being a mere observer of the reality to actually seeing directly from and In the Mind-vision. Be in IT, Rest Simply—and then let-go and allow IT to unfold under Its own accord.

One cannot BE IN IT by waiting and expecting IT to happen. Due to the cosmic-continuum Nirmanakayic-manifestation will occur—IT will happen not because you make it happen, but because you are in total alignment with and In IT. The manifestation and Its timing is left up to the Divine-initiative—by the cosmic agents of infinitude. Hence, all this cannot be micro-managed but stepping back and allowing the miraculous to do ITS thing.

It’s all about staying loyal and true with this miraculous Mind-vision; when one does so then Reality starts to wonderfully build-around-you. Simply rest in gratitude that IT has been revealed and WILL unfold in marvelous ways you thought not possible.

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