The Ensconced-Self


5.13 The Ensconced-Self, hidden in Unborn Bliss, knows Itself as the Transcendent Atman—the Guardian of the nine-gated fortress. IT neither moves nor is the performer of actions.

When the Unborn Mind devotee rises above all defiling attachments and actions of the body-consciousness, one becomes Lord over all matter and happily becomes enthroned even in the mechanism of the rupakaya as the transcendently-detached observer over all activities. One is conscious only of Spirit and does not become entangled in any future developments of action.

The “nine-gated fortress” refers to the nine-openings in the body: two-eyes, two nostrils, two ears, one mouth, the anus and genitals. All actions initiated by these nine-folded apertures no longer concerns the Self-Supreme as IT never performs any kind of activity. Thus, the yogin rooted in the Absolute observes all actions of the physical-mechanism without in anyway being affected by them.

The devotee is thus not only free from the outcome of all present actions, but also from the volatile future effects of past karma. Being in such a heightened Mind-virtue the yogin discovers that the Unborn Lord guides one under all circumstances without making one responsible for any future consequences of such actions.

5.14 The Omnipresent Spirit of this Universe does not ordain any activity nor bears any relation to the outcome of inevitable conjunctive-factors bearing the mark of naturalistic-forces of inducement.

The Sovereign Unborn Lord is not a puppet-master nor the perpetrator of natural-events. The Natural-Order is what it is and neither the Lord nor the devotee *reacts* to which way the cosmic-ball-bounces or the manner in which the chaotic-dice falls. Hence, even though Nature or maya can create untold sufferings that can emanate from wrong-choices induced by those ensnared by the turbulent-winds of avidya, the Ariyan Mind exercises Right Action thereby turning-away from naturalistic dynamisms into the Right Embrace of Spirit, thus making Nature one’s servitor and not one’s master.

5.15 The Sovereign Unborn Lord is also not to be held accountable by the sinful or even meritorious behavior of sentient beings. When Divine Wisdom is eclipsed by the whirlwinds of delusion, the worldlings oftentimes become bewildered.  

When one does not discern the Unborn Light, then one will invariably stumble into the dark pit of delusion. The Unborn Spirit is invulnerable to the whims of self-deception and delusion. Even as the Unborn Lord is surrounded with wave after wave of cosmic-delusion and is not affected, just so is the resilient one in the Unborn Mind who is instilled with Divine Fortitude.

5.16 Those resilient-ones who have banished the façade of nescience, will, through Right-Gnosis, become illumined in the Unborn Light of the Self-Supreme.

When the darkness is dispelled through this Illuminative Self-Awareness, then the devotee merges As One with the Self-Supreme.

5.17 Those who continuously place the Supreme-Self first and foremost unite with IT and are no longer subjugated to unwholesome karmic-regeneration. Such shining-ones thus become non-returners.

The Supreme Transcendental Truth IS the Unborn Lord. There is no further self-identification other than THAT Deathless Suchness which is aligned with every cosmic-vibration in the Heavens. Continuous repetition of the Sacred OM (Aum) directs the Ariyan Mind & Spirit in supernal alignment with the Eternal Amala-consciousness of the Primordials.

5.18 Sages look equally upon all sentient beings as Dreams of the Primordial-Buddha.

The intimation here is to observe all-dharmatas as living-specters in the dreaming-mind of the Primordial-Buddha. In such fashion the Self-Mind *awakens as such* and perceives all as being nothing more than particles of shifting-phantasmagorias.

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