Noumenal Bliss


5.19 From the vantage-point of one immersed in sheer luminosity, all about is nothing other than the Supreme Dharma Lord marked by the spirit of equanimity. 

Equanimity of Mind is the very hallmark of Noble Self-Realization. Primordial Dharma-Yoga is an ancient technique of aligning the chakras in that spirit of equanimity. Thus these chakraic-spiraling spiritual agencies induce a noumenal bliss that allays the undulating waves of skandhic-consciousness as one is permanently yoked with the Tathagatakaya: this is generated through the omniscient Tathatic-Eye.

5.20 One who rests serenely in the Unborn Absolute remains unmoved and unperturbed either in the direct path of pleasurable experiences or painful samsaric-episodes.

The Self-Realized are never plagued by the false-identification with the body consciousness. One now exclusively identifies with the Unborn Lord and no-thing else. Such steady and total assimilation with the Amala-consciousness erases any prior favorable or unfavorable samsaric predispositions to the contrary.

5.21 No longer being intrigued nor attached to the phenomenal order the yogin thus makes a dramatic-shift away from the composed into the uncomposed and noumenal bliss of the Tathagatas.

This has a great bearing on the sexual-component. The foremost pleasure in the material-world is the insatiable sexual-appetite. A worldling is forever held and motivated by pent-up biological functions that become permanent sensual-roadblocks to transcendent freedom (moksha). A yogin engaged in the Amala-consciousness of the Tathagatas experiences greater vitality by not being transfixed with one’s own sexuality. The fire of the inner noumenal-bliss needs to supplant the repressive power of the loins. One set-free in such a fashion soon realizes that transcendent-grace (accompanied with noumenal bliss) and sex do not bode-well together. To be finally liberated from this favorite pastime (sexual-obsession) of Mara is moksha indeed.

5.22 The Ariyan Mind never partakes in sensate-sources that become the root of all misery. Remember, Arjuna, such passions bear inevitable consequences with uncertain closure. Hence, Ariyan resourcefulness thus re-routes these unhappy episodes with prior-prudential abstention.

Remember, an awakened-soul is never interested in temporal matters. The rarified-mystic is one who stands on the high-parapet of Noble Wisdom, nevermore involved with the seedy-misfortunes of those inhabitants who dwell below in darkest-dukkha.

5.23 Those who do not keep the forces of desire and anger in-check, do so at their own peril. Stand-fast and always remain well-situated in the Unborn. 

Let it be known that even an advanced-yogin will continue to have to confront the forces of lust and unbridled anger that linger in the alaya-receptacle of past karmic-impulses. Yet, if one’s confrontation-skills are in earnest, then the occasional shock-surprises of undesirable elements will be kept at bay thus empowering one to maintain the Recollective-Resolve and disciplined-dhyana until anuttara-samyak-sambodhi.

5.24 The Yogin who is on fire with the inner noumenal-bliss, whose inner foundation rests on the Recollective Resolve, who is united in Beatific Unborn Light, is thus united in dharmameghic-ecstasy and enjoys the fruits of the Liberated Spirit even while inhabiting the mortal-carcass.

The fortunate-spirit who now lives in noumenal-bliss needs to celebrate this auspicious reality; otherwise how can one possibly retire from the pressing external environment and enjoy the fruits of this Dharmakayic-liberation? Such an emancipated-soul can now enjoy the silent-reverie and quiescent-exuberance of the Unborn undeterred.

5.25 Now with doubts removed and the senses quelled, the Liberated Ariyan Mind has transcended all former dualities and can engage in the compassionate activities of Bodhisattvahood.

Being engaged in only administering to the material-physical needs of sentient beings is a futile-affair. Temporary relief of these external elements pales in comparison to empowering others to realize the vast and long-standing inner-reserves of the Recollected-Spirit—yea, never wanting for anything less-than Divine-Union ever again.

5.26 Renunciants who are devoid of the raging passions are thus Self-realized thereby being freed from the influences of both this saha-realm and beyond.

The vastly spiritually-advanced are forevermore emancipated from defiled aggregated existence since the desire-seeds within the Alaya are burned-away in the awakened-fire of undefiled buddhi. This encompasses all desire-fields in this physical and astral realms and beyond.

5.27 By focusing upon the urna-point between the eyebrows—alerting the center of Amala-spiritual consciousness—one laser-like pierces through all dharmata.

5.28 Being *alighted in the flame of luminosity* via this supremely-focused beam of Unborn Light, the muni is at the center of the bodhimanda and thus encapsulated in Freedom’s Suchness.  

5.29 Whoever knows me as the Unborn Master of asceticism and self-sacrifice, one enters into the noumenal-bliss of pari-nirvana.

Being devoted to the Unborn Lord assures an eternally tranquil-spirit.

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