Six: Dhyana Yoga


The Yoga of True Renunciation is dependent upon Meditation

6.1 Thus spoke the Unborn Lord: One who acts dutifully in the Holy Dharma, regardless of the consequences, is a True Spiritual-Ascetic—not those who shun their duties and merely observe external rituals.

The sannyasin (renunciate) inwardly burns the sacrificial-flame that dispels all inordinate desires, lusts, sorrows, and inclinations. This inward-fire in which the true yogin burns-off these adventitious yearnings becomes united with the Flame of the Unborn Lord.

The devotee is also enflamed with the inner-fire-rite of blissful meditation; in so doing the devotee is strengthened and plays part in the Divine Admonitions of the Dharma-Lord Supreme. This is all part of the Cosmic-Will of the Unborn—not an escape from one’s obligations, but instead Rightful Spiritual Activity whose sole mission is to become perfected in the Holy Writ of the Unborn Liberator.

False-renunciation is practiced by the sham-yogi, one who refutes Holy Writ by exclusively sitting lazily for hours on end on the rump of one’s own deeply-seated attachments in body and spirit. The genuine-yogin, by stark contrast, undertakes Right Meditation by utilizing Right-Techniques for the exclusive-purpose of Union with the Unborn; thus one’s Right-Action in this Holy endeavor are most dutifully applied as a pre-ordained attribute of the Unborn Will. Devoting one’s efforts in meditation for the exclusive purpose of uniting with the Unborn is an act of Right Renunciation, since the relinquishment of all other mundane activity is not procured out of idleness, but rather a proper-action of divine aspiration and ecstatic-union. This is truly living in an inward-hermitage wherein the Right Renunciate, out of deep meditative bliss with the Divine becomes privy to a transcendental identification with the Unborn Spirit—an ACTION that has no equal.

6.2 Thus, Arjuna, Right Renunciation is the very Essence of Yoga; those who cannot renounce their unwholesome desires are far from the Unborn Path.

When Self-Realized, the yogin tastes the superior-bliss of the Unborn Lord. The Right Renunciate divorces himself from all that is unworthy of union with the Infinite. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali refers to this as the dissolving of the vrtti—or the agitated overflows of Mind’s self-obstruction when it identifies ITSELF *as* all the turbulence.

With consistent practice, Right Renunciation consists in the ability to dismiss all these unruly fluctuations at will.

6.3 Right Meditative Action is the means for the muni to mature in Right Discipline; quiescence is the Right Result for the one who is mature in this discipline.

6.4 One becomes faithfully-mature in this discipline when one renounces ALL for the sake of the Unborn Lord.

For the aspiring muni—who climbs the very heights of Divine-Self-realization—the goal is attained through Right Yogic Techniques of ecstatic-union. Perfected in this fashion, one initiates Wu-Wei, or the action through in-action of perfect equilibrium in Spirit (yogadhatu). One now rests in the Amala-mega (Primal-Amala Consciousness); in such divine-accord one’s will is no longer one’s own, but a great and undivided-yoking with the *Great Unborn Tathatic Spirit-Mind*. The effect is like being *cloaked in the Omniscient-Sphere of Translucent Unborn Light.* The muni is now free from the *mad dream of matter* as one is now consecrated in the very imageless dharma-field of nirabhasagocara.

6.5 Pick yourself up by the Self and thus never degrade your efforts. For the Self is ITS-OWN friend, as your (lower) self is its own enemy.

6.6 The Self is your sole-friend, whereas the unmastered (lower) self acts as a rancorous foe.

The Unborn Self-Supreme needs no other ally other than ITS own effervescent Suchness. When the (lower) self-beast gains the upper-hand it becomes even its own worst enemy since its efforts are notoriously obtuse. Be always mindful that the Absolute-Self is your true friend and guide—it will never let you down. Whereas, the great No-Self beast will only drain you of energy and Right Resolve under all circumstances.

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