The All-Pervading Spirit


6.30 Recognizing everything as the manifestation of the One Light, one will never lose sight of the all-pervading Spirit.

One is never apart from THAT which animates. Thus the emancipated yogin tastes the all-pervasiveness of the Infinite Dharma-Lord.

6.31 One who always abides in Absolute Oneness lives as a disciplined devotee—never apart from the all-pervading grace of the Spirit Supreme THAT is in-all AS ALL.   

When the dreaming-mind awakens from its stupor, it begins to recognize that its consciousness and the dream-manifestations are all one-in-the-same. In like fashion, the awakened Dharmatic-mind perceives that all beings and the surrounding ambience are animations from the dreaming-Mind of the Primordial-Buddhas.

6.32 Arjuna, the yogin who perceives their own karmic-pain to be similar to the karmic-pain of others, soon realizes that all sentient-beings are the lost and forsaken ones in the saturnine mind of Mara.  

Mundane consciousness is nothing other-than the all-pervasiveness of Mara’s own nefarious stranglehold on the human condition. As such, one sees with the eyes of Mara and not with the salvific vision of the Unborn.

6.33 Arjuna then inquired from the Blessed One: Noble Lord, you state that equanimity of mind is Divine-Yoga. I do not conceive of that being possible as all things are in a constant-state of flux.

6.34 Not only is it unsteady, Blessed One, mind is oftentimes most turbulent and incessantly obstinate. Yea, trying to keep mind tethered is like trying to subdue the ferocious-winds of a hurricane!

6.35 The Blessed One responded: It is true that mind is unruly, but it can be tempered, Arjuna, through direct one-pointedness of mind in disciplined-dhyana and by developing Right Restraint under all circumstances.

6.36 Those who lack the Recollective-Resolve will surely fail in their cumbersome-attempts at surface-meditation; those with Right-Fortitude will develop the Right-Liberative-Techniques in overcoming all mundane-mind-monsters.  

Those who are incessantly encumbered with restless activity will succumb to the agitated-mind. Those with Right-Mind-Discipline will surely advance in the ways of Right-Fortitude that is bracketed with Divine Tranquility. This also has much to do with Soul-Memory as opposed to the soiled-memory that is lacquered with unhappy memories from the Alaya-receptacle. Soul-Memory is En-Soul-Ment in the very Amala-consciousness of the Noble Shining Ones; hence, all memories are forever in-sync with Noble-Consciousness that is well-fortified and thus immune from all attacks of the evil one.

6.37 Arjuna inquired, O’ Noble Lord, what happens to those who have the best of intentions in advancing in the ways of spirit but who always falter apparently through no-fault of their own?

6.38 Blessed One, if one becomes totally deluded on the spiritual-path—will he forever lose sight of the Right Recollective Resolve of which you speak?

6.39.Yea, Noble Lord—can you forever dispel these demons of doubt from my mind?

6.40 Thus spoke the Noble Unborn Lord: Do not fear, Arjuna. One who always acts with Right Intent will never succumb to the evil one.

No matter how many times a dedicated-yogin apparently fails in his fortitude, if one’s intent is pure then one’s meritorious actions will develop THAT “divine memory”, so that one becomes more divinely-inspired and spirited in subsequent attempts.

6.41 A fallen-yogin, bereft of annutara-samyak-sambodhi, may still benefit, because of accumulated virtues, by one-day being born into a home of Noble Assemblage in order to continue their spiritual-quest.

6.42 Or one may reincarnate into a family of enlightened-yogins; verily, a birth that is hard to attain in this world.

6.43 It is then, O’ Arjuna, that such yogins will strive even more earnestly than before.

When even an advanced-yogin who is ever-faithful to their Unborn Lord does not receive complete-emancipation, due to some prior karmic-obstruction deeply buried in a former-life, such a one will receive a providential new opportunity to advance spiritually. It also needs to be stated, however, that an auspicious-soul—one who has encountered an advanced avatar who has blessed them and has implanted the immaculate-seed-of-bodhi on their quest—may quickly attain unequivocal-liberation and ascension in this very life.

6.44 Verily, such Noble Ones will be vastly spiritually-advanced due to their past spiritual disciplines. Such a one who procures direct one-pointedness of mind and spirit will advance further than those who depend solely on rituals.

One who merely goes through the motions and mechanically regurgitates sacred formulas in religious rites will not become Liberated Noble Ones. Yea, those who communicate directly (and thus merging with the sacred Omniscient Self) with the Spirit of the Real in Deep Samādhis knows the True Virtues emanating from the very heart (sugata-garbha) of the Blessed Absolute.

6.45 By such persistent efforts, a devoted yogin—even in this very lifetime—may become impervious to and purified from all malign desires that emanate from the evil one.

6.46 Thus the purified-yogin rises above and beyond those who merely practice ascetical discipline, or those who exhibit exceptional siddhis, or even the best of those who practice sublime meritorial functions. Verily, Arjuna, Be that Yogin!

One who engages in meritorious acts practices Karma Yoga; those who engage in esoteric philosophy and practice esoteric-rituals and who may even develop great and exceptional siddhis practice Jnana Yoga; but one who engages in Unborn-Yoga unites all the disciplines thus entering into ultimate transcendence of all the skandhas.

6.47 Yet of all these yogas—the one who unites with me with their total being—mind/body/spirit will know the Real and undivided splendor of the Dharmakaya (Dharmakaya Yoga).

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