Maya, the Womb of Cosmic-Delusion


7.14 All that is outside my Supra-Essential Core becomes manifested as Maya—the womb of cosmic-delusion. It is only those who take resolute refuge in my Self-Alone who will transcend this nefarious web.

A wonderful resource I purchased a little while ago is Rudolf V. D’Souza’s, The Bhagavadgītā and St.John of the Cross, a Comparative Study of the Dynamism of Spiritual Growth in the Process of God-Realisation. (Roma, 1996) It describes Maya, amongst other variables, as a “Womb that generates the Universe and Man”:

Generally, māyā comes to mean the lower pakriti…[A world of ] moving and unmoving things Material Nature brings to birth—this is the cause [and this the means] by which the world revolves (From GG XI.10]. The Material Nature is the Womb that generates everything outside of God. [ibid, pg. 78]

7.15 Those who are held bound by this womb of endless re-becoming have no devotion to me but rather succumb to the ways of their vile and lower-natures.

D’Souza’s work translate this verse as: “Doers of evil, deluded, base, put not their trust in Me; their wisdom is swept-away by [this] uncanny power, they cleave to a devilish mode of existence,” (ibid, pg.80) Thus, all evil-doers shall ultimately perish in their abominable delusions.

7.16 Arjuna, the Wise worship my Divine-Self to become free of suffering, to develop Right-Understanding, to rise from self-abasement to self-transcendence, and to attend to Right-Gnosis of the Absolute.  

7.17 Verily, the resilient Shining-Ones—resplendent with Noble Wisdom—will always excel in Right Devotion. Truly they love me above all else and they are my dearly beloved.

7.18 Those who are bathed in Holy-Gnosis are revered as my Very-Self, for they always abide exclusively in my Blessed Unborn Stature.

Inwardly-fixed in the Unborn Lord and devoted exclusively to his Divine-Selfhood, the yogin is ever-quiescent and unmoved by the vacillating-turbulence of Maya’s-Womb. Yea, rather, such a valiant-one is within the Supreme-Womb of Buddhaic-Light (Sugata-garbha).

7.19 After many consecutive-lifetimes in samsara, the discerning yogin takes refuge in MY SELF ALONE and no-thing else. Such a Mahatma is rare indeed! 

The worldling who identifies oneself exclusively within the dream-world of Maya’s Dark Womb will never be liberated from the winding Karmic Ferris wheel of Life, Suffering, and Death. The advanced yogin/sage no longer participates in the spin but rather has become grounded in the motionless dance of Deathlessness Itself.

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One Response to Maya, the Womb of Cosmic-Delusion

  1. Tozen says:

    What is the suffering illusion of the false mind [Mara], compared to the Unborn Mind?

    It is like a man walking under a constant rain, falling and soaking him in torrents from
    a monsoon of heavy dark clouds, thus preventing his Spirit [pure will], to recall and realize the luminous reality of the Sun above them illuminating the all with its singular light, brightly and peacefully at all times.


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