Thou shalt not have other gods before me


7.20 Led by their own lesser proclivities, many follow their lower natures and seek to worship demigods of their own shallow design.

The lesser-able take shelter in a lower-class of demigods merely as a fulfillment of baser instincts that are habitually practiced out of material and shallow [religious] actions. Fear is their normative function, one that keeps them enshrouded in the ritualized-habits of many past lives. For them, grace is cheap—bought at the price of foolheartedly seeking refuge in something “created” (mainly from their own vainglorious imaginations) and thus inadequate of fulfilling any wasted-hopes of receiving liberation from their samsaric-circumstances. Thus they follow many alien-creeds—some so outlandishly self-catastrophic that they seek to self-destruct one-another in a sea of misery while at the same time taking down the rest of the saha-realm with them. This is worship of a cruel and alien-god indeed! Theirs is a god of barbaric-suffering who takes great pleasure out of morbid self-effacement and the sadistic-extermination of all others who do not bow down and subjugate themselves to such inhumane treatment. There are many such variable-[religions] who keep their disciples in bondage throughout the whole course of their earthly sojourn by promising them the hand-outs of some form of rewards in a [heaven] that is also a figment of their own apocryphal design. Such inauthentic spiritual-indifference prevents the worldlings from turning-within and awakening to and recognizing their own authentic Self-nature that alone can eradicate the shackles of such an unfortunately ignorant and disingenuous existence.

7.21 I am in everyone’s heart and soul as THE Supra-Essential Spirit—Unborn and Uncreated. While not forbidding other forms of Worship—I do plant within the authentic-seed of Self-awakening from such subordinate ventures. 

7.22 The fruits of any such longing for liberation and transcendence from lesser dharma-fields are offered and fulfilled from MYSELF ALONE.   

True devotees who formerly expressed devotion to alien creeds have finally awakened and have been liberated from such lesser-mind ventures. While the Absolute Unborn is unfathomable, IT ALONE is sufficient for human transcendence and transfiguration from all lesser-attempts to the contrary. Yea, IT is one’s-own and unadulterated BEST-SELF. In truth, the only best Self-fulfillment there is since it all radiates from the One Immortal Substance THAT is In-All and Through-All as the Self-Same Spirit—Eternally-bonded and thus never-apart from ITs animations.

7.23 Verily, those who are devoid of liberating Self-Gnosis will continue to pine-away in lesser mind-fields—never finding the spiritual satisfaction they truly seek. All authentic-devotees recognize MYSELF as their only recourse to Right Liberation.

Those who while-away the hours in the dark-haze of their own vain imaginings truly “wile” away the hours—for they are lured away and enticed from the salvation they seek by the father of lies. The Right-Devotee is one who in all ways perceives the salvific-Light of the Unborn and thus become One-with-IT—no longer entrapped in Mara’s black-hearted desire-fields.

7.24 Many devoid of Right Revelation consider MYSELF—the Unmanifested One—as somehow limited to one particular form of embodiment. They do not comprehend my Immutable-Nature. Profound, Motionless, and Unsurpassable.

There are those who experience lesser-visions in their own meditations—concentrating exclusively on [finite] forms that somehow convey to them the Absolute and Unborn Presence. These are mere-projections of their own finite-capacities, and thus they worship limited forms of their own self-image. The best rule of thumb is to cultivate and envision in one’s meditation the imageless stature of the Supreme and Unborn-Selfhood—while at the same time erasing any finite-sense of imagelessness.

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