The Unborn-Deathless One


7.25 Eclipsed by Maya, the world does not know me as I AM IN MYSELF—the Unborn-Deathless One.

Hidden behind the shadow-making propensities of man’s imposition on the deathless-face of the Unborn Essence, the Unmanifested-Spirit is forever eclipsed like a cancerous cataract in the Mind’s Eye.

7.26 Arjuna, I am aware of all creatures who move in the cosmos, yet they are not even dimly aware of my Exuberant-Suchness hidden in the depths of their very being. 

The Amala-consciousness has no past and no future and thus is never interrupted, as is man’s limited vista, from viewing simultaneously the beginningless and endless expanse of the cosmos’ shifting-landscape.

7.27 Delusion is sprung from the duality of attraction and aversion. Verily, the very nature of samsaric-birth is a child born of this delusion which cannot properly distinguish between THAT which it already has, and not being properly satisfied, averts to some unattainable and inadequate “other”.

7.28 But the Righteous Noble Ones, their past-karma obliterated and thus no longer subject to delusional episodes, remain steadfast in my Nirvanic-Self.

Due to the habitual-prenatal inclinations towards desires and aversions, the worldling is forever cemented to the cosmic-glue of Maya. Yet, there are those auspicious few, who, predisposed through a favorable-karmic birth, who can recognize Mara’s chimerical-façade for what it is; thus do the scales drop from eyes long blind as such a favorable-one looks upon the beatific-vision of the Lord’s Dharmakayic-kingdom AS IT IS and ever shall be.

7.29 Those who take refuge in me are forever free from the ravages of old age and death; they shall partake in the glories of Selfhood and shall come to know the True Nature of all Right-Actions.

7.30 Those who intuitively sense me pervading through all dharmata, who desire MYSELF as their True-Worship, and who know that I am the very nature of Self-Sacrifice will be AS ONE in my Alaya-consciousness, both now and at the hour of their death.

Steadfastly taking up daily residence in the Unborn-Self, reverently worshiping within THAT very SELF-SAME ESSENCE, one shall ascend in this very lifetime to the infinitude of the Dharmadhātu. One’s Buddha-gnosis is now complete and unexcelled—“And I live, now not I, but the Deathless Unborn Spirit liveth in me.”

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2 Responses to The Unborn-Deathless One

  1. Félix-Antoine Cyr says:

    Is there a greater reality then the ‘this I am’, ‘I am this’ and ‘Am I this ?’ realization ?

    • Vajragoni says:

      The reality of the deathless, the unborn and uncreate, the self-same I am not this, nor that, nor any other in-between.

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