Liberative Dharmakayic Technique


8.9 The Glory of the Unborn Lord is inconceivable, resplendently luminous and well-beyond the reach of any darkness.

8.10 Recollecting this at the time of death, through absolute one-pointedness of spirit the yogin is empowered to direct all vital energy reserves into a wave of pure spiritual-awareness between the eyebrows (Tathatic-Eye Chakra) thus entering into ultimate Self-realization in the Unborn. 

*This is also akin to the Daoist enstatic immersion:

Coming out of enstatic immersion and the complete cessation of all physical, sensory, and mental functions, adepts at this stage fully attain Dao and transcend all in open pervasion.

They undergo an increase in movement, openness, joy, light, even ecstasy, until they rise up to heaven and take up their rightful place among the immortals…

…enstatic states, reached through sensory withdrawal and a single-minded focus on the deep underlying root or source of the cosmos. (Livia Kohn–Sitting in Oblivion-The Heart of Dao, pg 27, 100)

Here the devoted Yogin, spiritually well-endowed and thoroughly enraptured in the Spirit of the Unborn Lord and no-thing else, is empowered to return the Life-Force energy back to its primordial-position—thus issuing-forth the radiance of a million-suns.

8.11 These are eternal-truths that are corroborated by those who have assiduously studied the sutras and have come to know through unexcelled Dhyana-techniques the glory of the Sugata-garbha (supreme womb of Buddhaic-Light).

8.12-8.13 This is the effective Liberative Dharmakayic Technique: One closes the nine-gated fortress, cloisters one’s mind in the Self-Chakra, then directs (through the Sacred Aum) the prana-qi (life-force energy) up the astral-spine, through the Tathatic-Eye Chakra thus initiating the mortal transition from the physical form into an iridescent (rainbow-like) Light Body that exits through the Dharmamegha Chakra and thus home-again in the ethereal-heavens of Absolute Selfhood. Light returns unto Light.  

One can practice the movement of qi throughout the chakra-system while still well-into the fleshly-sojourn thus empowering the yogin to get a direct-sense of what this process will entail at the time of death. A good example of this interrelated and integral chakra-movement can be found in the blog, Mystagogia.

8.14 The True Yogin, Arjuna, always keeps me well in-mind and thus is never attached nor distracted by anything else.

Success in the Noble Self-realization of Divine-Selfhood depends on incessant-Mindfulness of Union with the Unborn Lord, not out of a morbid obsession of duty, but rather out of the development of a deeper-bliss the world has never known.

8.15 Those who come unto me are Mahaathmas (Great Souls). They no longer fear the terrors of the night nor suffer the ignominious pangs of rebirth ever-again.

Karmic-bonds are broken once one is resolutely Selfhood bound.

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