Nine: Mysterium Regium

A Most Confidential Gnosis


9.1 The Blessed Unborn Lord said: Arjuna, since you are not envious of me I shall now reveal to you the most Royal-Gnosis. Combining this gnosis with Divine Self-Realization, you will be liberated from even the worst wrong-doing.

9.2 This is the Mysterium Regium—a Majestic Science. It is a most intuitive-gnosis, joyous in its revelation and unchanging.

9.3 Those without sincere faith in this Holy Dharma will never realize My Essential-Self and are thus doomed to return to their mortal-coil death after death.

The Blessed One proclaims to Arjuna the Highest Self-Gnosis. This Mysterium Regium—the Monarch of all sciences—is the very essence of the Holy Dharma, for it tears-asunder man’s suffering-nature and reveals to him the True Nature of Bliss in the Unborn. This is an intuitive Self-realization and is the hallmark of all authentic spiritual experiences. The yogin who is well-established in this gnosis has the all-intuitive wisdom of penetrating to the core-mystery of how the Supreme-Spirit Lord is both immanent and transcendent. In such a hallowed enterprise the yogin intuits his own union with the Absolute and hence is immune from all evil predicaments. Those who are not attuned with this Holy Dharma are doomed to further endless-repetitive patterns of fate.

9.4 As the Unmanifested, I pervade the entire cosmos; yet in My-Self I remain Transcendent. All of creation abides in me yet I do-not abide in creation.

9.5 Behold! All of creation does not really physically exist in Me. This is the Divine Mystery. My-Self sustains all of creation but has no-physical contact with any of it.

9.6 Just as air moves freely within the infinity of space, just-so does the spirit of creation and all of its creatures move freely within My-Self.  

Most sublime mysteries. Although all of creation is permeated by the Divine-Self, creation does not comprise nor reveal The Lord’s Blessed-Essence. Thus, the Lord is never exhausted by creation although it is formed out of His-Own Self-Texture. The motionless Amala-consciousness permeates all vibratory beings, even though these beings do not physically exist In IT. This is the ultimate-paradox of the Cosmos, such that IT is the ensoulment of all creatures, yet IT does not become entangled with any of them.

9.7 At the end of a kalpa, creation returns to my prakriti (see 7.4-7.6). They are then once again regenerated into the next kalpa.

9.8 In animating my prakriti all infinite varieties of creatures are formed and are subject to the Laws of Nature.

Such is the state of evolution. All phenomenal worlds and its inhabitants are the figments of Divine Animation and must subsist in their roles until the great Cosmic-Drama runs its course again and again.

9.9 I My-Self am never affected by the cosmic-actions of prakriti. My Spirit stands detached, watching over all.

The Spirit of the Lord breathes-life into all matter whilst at the same time remaining motionlessly-unattached.

9.10 Through my impregnating-force, the elements of nature generates the cycle of life and death; thus does the world turn diurnally on its course of creation and dissolution.   

It is important to note that the Unborn Lord is not “the doer” in any of this. It is the animating impulse of prakriti that sets all into motion.

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5 Responses to Nine: Mysterium Regium

  1. Mr.Nobody says:

    The phenomenal realm is explained as such, would one not then say that the noumenal, the ocean of spirit; the ocean of suchness; the ocean of infinite creative light; would one not then say that this *is* the supra-essential core of the Bodhi-Mind? In that, disregarding the phenomenal, knowing it as such, the noumenal realm of pure-spirit consciousness; thus neither conceivable nor perceivable, the sambhogakayic plane is but purely known by Bodhi; is the manifestation of the unmanifested bodhi-mind on the dharmakayic plane?

    Shedding the mind (conceivable, cognition) and body (perceivable, perception); leaving only the Mind of Bodhi, as Bodhi (unmanifested on the dharmakayic plane) does not linger in essence, would not Bodhi (the dharmakayic reality, the field of Bodhi thus unmanifested, purely itself such that it doesn’t even appear; it is the “intrinsic” reality that is without abode) “abide” (as explained, not real abiding, abide in the sense that it is always present “within” itself) within this ocean of suchness? Thus the Mind of Bodhi is nestled in a cradle of luminosity; as you’ve put it before?

    Knowing that what is being spoken of is neither conceivable nor perceivable; I speak purely in terms of spirit; is this something not worth contemplating as it will be revealed in full to the liberated spirit?

  2. Mr.Nobody says:

    To add: When i say “The manifestation of Bodhi, is this the ocean of suchness?” I mean, is not the radiance of Bodhi the ocean of spirit/suchness?

    Thus non-dual (such that non-dual isn’t even a thing) essence (bodhi) wisdom: function (radiance) wisdom.

  3. Mr.Nobody says:

    (Apologies for the many posts)

    Or is it instead, that the ocean of infinite, undivided light is the dharmakayic realm of the bodhi-mind; thus the bodhi-mind and the ocean of infinite light are undivided on this plane; the sambhogakayic plane being a *pure* manifestation of this dharmakayic wisdom body, that is a visionary plane through which gnosis is conveyed?

    The question is as well, if the sambhogakayic body is known as the bliss-body; is this so because this is what is experienced by bodhisattvas who cultivate this supernal-recollection; and this bliss is what leads to further insights? (I say this as, experience would suggest bliss and insight to be related in this regard) then is the dharmakayic plane also *blissful* but not experienced by these yogins through recollective resolve and thus is not called the bliss body but the wisdom body? I understand that they are undivided, without separation and immutable; There is just a desire to fully understand the three kayas of bodhi.

    • Vajragoni says:

      In light of this present blog-post–stay focused on what you are beginning to perceive as [non-experienceable] in the face of the Bliss-Element. Try not to add construct upon construct with this but just remain with what will naturally emerge.

      • Mr.Nobody says:

        I knew that would be your answer, as it was the answer that came to mind over and over as the question was asked. Thank you, there’s nothing left to ask.

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