Dark Lives Matter


Science assures us that all-there-is originated from a single-point of (Unborn—inclusion mine) singularity. From this it also asserts that 4% of the evolvement is ordinary matter; 23% is what has come to be known as Dark Matter; yet an astounding 73% is Dark Energy—the very mystical prajna that animates the whole of phenomena. It has also been purported that Dark Matter is the material that makes up all of the galaxies, stars, planets and heavens of the afterlife (from an article entitled, The Awesome Powers of Dark Energy and Matter – A New Cosmology?); its very substance resembles that of an Astral-Body of Dark Energy. The same author of the article maintains that “even vaster, more complex universes of dark matter may have been created from dark energy with even greater ease, because the particles of dark matter are of an even finer vibration and much more common than those of physical (baryonic) matter which is of a lower vibration.” Because of this the author also speculates that much of the “UFO phenomena” originates from “civilizations (that) are visiting us from these realms of dark matter but they have to calibrate their vibration rate just for us to see them as strange objects and/or lights in the sky that quickly disappear back into their natural invisible or “dark matter” state.” After many years of studying the “extraterrestrial phenomena” as a whole, yours truly  has come to believe that they do indeed originate—not from some isolated regions of Outer Space—but from these “dark-dimensions” that are concurrent with our own universe. Also, if some of the current research from within the UFO Culture is correct, then human terrestrials may have evolved from DNA that originated from Star-Beings that are inhabitants of these alternative dark dimensions; constitutive of Dark Matter, then physiologically we are indeed part and parcel of Dark (Lives) Matter.

From a mystical/spiritual vantage-point, this realization leads us to consider that at higher-levels of consciousness Dark Matter is a Supernal-Manifestation of Samantabhadra—the Supreme Primordial Buddha. As Such, Dark Matter is like a veil that conceals the Oceanic splendor of Divine Bodhipower. In reference to our previous blog post—The Dolmen—one’s inner-hermitage of the Unborn Mind,  untethered as IT IS from outer/inner phenomena, is the Dark Dolmen of our best omnipresent-resolve to Self-Realize our True Spiritual Heritage that lies at the heart of ALL dimensions. The Unborn does not discriminate between baryonic and higher vibraic levels of consciousness as IT is always Self-sustained and Self-actualized, yea, IT is transcendentally beyond all forms of “Matter” all together. Spiritually, advanced adepts are Mind-Beings as opposed to mere sentient inhabitants in the penal-fields of samsara, being empowered as they are to circumnavigate through these sorrowful colonies of the composed as Psychonauts in the unparalleled-gear of their Manomayakaya. Other esoteric traditions would refer to this as their astral-bodies, but the manomayakaya is far and beyond any of this, being as it is an undivided Mind-Made-Body of “awakened resonance that emanates from the dark and luminous body of the Tathagatas.” But there are similarities. Beneath the Majestic-Kailasa Temples in the Ellora Caves near Aurangabad in Northern India, there are huge subterranean cavern-temples and tunnels beneath the surface—all hewn out of rock:


The hidden tunnels purportedly lead to an underground city. In her 1897 book by the renowned English Spiritualist, Emma Hardinge Britten—Ghost Land: Researches into the Mysteries of Occultism, eloquently writes the following concerning this strange emanation:

At the small opening of the horse-shoe was a second cavern, hewn out of the solid rock, and so designed as to form an immense raised platform or stage, on the floor of which was spread a carpet of grassy turf, or an imitation so finely executed that the difference could not be detected. A pair of gigantic sphinxes supported either side of this noble rostrum, and an immense image of the winged bull of Mineveh was suspended, in all probability by magnetic force, in mid-air, between the high vaulted roof and the grassy carpet beneath. The walls and ceiling of this huge, cavernous stage, were otherwise destitute of adornment. A golden hand held a scroll suspended over the auditorium, inscribed with a word in Arabic which corresponds to Neophytes, whilst a similar hand and scroll appeared over the cornice which served as proscenium to the stage, with the Arabic inscription signifying Hierophants. Ranged in a semicircle midway on the platform were seven tripods supporting braziers, from which ascended colored flames and wreaths of deliciously perfumed vapors, whose intoxicating odors filled the temple. Behind each tripod, seated on thrones fashioned of burnished silver, so as to represent a glittering star, were seven dark-robed figures, whose masked faces and shrouded forms left no opportunity of judging of their sex or semblance.


It is those “seven dark-robed figures” that begs more interest. Seven is a highly mystically-charged number, one that was pronounced most succinctly in the Tathāgatagarbhatārā Tantra series. It concerns the seven-members of the Samantabhadra-family: the Primordial Adi Buddha Samantabhadra, his consort Blessed Arya Tara, and the Five Dhyani Buddhas (Vairocana, Akshobhya, Amoghasiddhi, Amitabha and Ratnasambhava). Those “seven-dark-robed figures” could very well represent such a tradition, as revealed by the Shining-Ones or Primordials who are seated on those Seven Thrones through the Mind Power of their own symbiotic Manomayakaya. These are deep mysteries to ponder and it is through the Dark Buddha-gnosis of the Primordials that certain aspects of the Elemental Alchemical Key are revealed and will unlock the code to the Secret Treasuries of the Unborn Buddha Mind that can free all sentient beings from their samsaric incarceration.

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