This past Thursday, September 8, 2016, was the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the Original Star Trek Series—the one that began it all. The Original will forever be my perennial favorite and perhaps the most “fascinating” character on the show is Mr. Spock. Primarily a being of intellect who was forever at odds with his “emotions”, he was always able to balance them out, especially when the occasion arose to take command of the task at hand. Of particular import was his ability to stimulate the “Vulcan Mind-Meld” technique, my favorite—prominent  instance—occurring in the Second Star Trek Movie, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, wherein just before he sacrifices his life to save the Enterprise and its crew, seeks out Dr. McCoy and employs the procedure by uttering the simple words, “Remember”:


Of course, what he did was to implant the seed of his own Consciousness so that the Star Trek Saga could continue with the next installment, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, wherein that consciousness is once again restored to him in his new incarnation. THAT action speaks volumes.

It is a known mystical-assertion that wherever “consciousness is placed” the Qi (or Prajna) will begin to flow as psychophysical as well as spiritual “connections” begin to blossom. Transcendent-wiring patterns become established through the mere repetition of a word or sound.  “Remember”, or “Recollect”, is a profound alchemical key that sets into motion the very astounding and unparalleled Spiritual Process of Recollection—in actuality implanting the Seed of the very vivifying Primordial Principle. In due time, the Unborn Mind adept discerns (with the assistance of the Primordials) the proper moment when their very mind *Melds* with the Tathatic-Mind. This usually occurs at the tenth-stage of Mind-Maturity, or the Realization of the Tenth bhūmi known as Dharma-megha (The Virtuous Cloud of the Tathagatas). Yea, this is when the aspiring Mind Adept is anointed by the Blessed hands of the Tathagatas themselves—truly a “Mind-Melding Moment.” In true actuality, there are no bells and whistles associated with this Supreme Anointment, although symbolically they are included with the literature.  No mysterious clouds appearing in the sky to “wisk one off” over the rainbow. No. One now fully Recollects the Unborn Principle in the undivided spirit of a Bodhi-Being in the realm of Dharmadhātu. Bodhicitta also matures in that one now shares in the very Mindstream of the Tathagatas. All phenomenal patterns and associations are no longer relevant as Imageless Deathlessness takes precedence.

The cultivation of single-pointed and disciplined Samadhi in the ‘Stillpoint’ Eye of Tathatic-Suchness is the essence of Tathāgata-dhyāna. In keeping the Suchness of One Mind one does indeed Self-Recollect the single-taste of the Self-Liberation of the Tathatic-Mind. No-thing else is needed. No more “Beam-me-up, Scotty” because there is NO ONE there to transport. The gage on Spock’s tricorder is EMPTY. Thus No-One is left behind. Wŏnhyo expounded it best in our Vajrasamādhi Sutra series:

The term “original leaving behind” means that, when one penetrates to the fact that mind and self are originally void, one straightaway gains the void and calm mind of original enlightenment. This void and calm mind originally leaves behind the clinging subject; and because it leaves behind the clinging-subject, it is originally free from illusory projections. As the sūtra says, “If they attain voidness of mind, then that mind will not illusorily project anything.” “Not illusorily project anything” means that there is no deception or falsity. The term “acquired leaving behind” means that, when one gains this void and calm mind of original enlightenment, the discriminations created by the clinging subject are no longer able to arise, and regardless of the state of mind produced, there will be no illusory projections. As the sūtra says, “Free from all illusory projections, they will then attain nonproduction.” In this wise, they acquire the mind of nonproduction and tally with that principle which is originally void, calm, and free from projections. Therefore, it says, “The mind that does not produce anything derives from such non-projection.”

Just stay put in the Principle that transcends all the former activities of the discriminative mind. This Principle is “Dark” because IT knows no phenomenal associations—IT is devoid of all that “IS, is-not”. Thus self-empty of all dharmatic-elements. Yea, it means to “Boldly Go Where No-One has gone before.” To partake of the Dragon Mind THAT transcends both form and formless realms. This is why Darkness is such an apt metaphor—for it’s a total negation of sensate phenomena in favor of the naked emptiness of spirit. As our series Ascending the Noble Mountain of Primordial Perfection stated,

“There comes a point wherein all “images” are insufficient to encounter THAT which is completely devoid of all outflows thus penetrating the Dark Principle through and through. In Absolute Contemplation the Unborn is experienced devoid of all conceptual constructs, in a total darkness that is beyond what the weary imagination attempts to fashion. The Actual Self can only be discerned in an intuitive darkness.”

Remember, learn to live with all there is AS “IT” IS—devoid of all the phenomenal trappings.

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