Technique #5: Dragonyana Ho

Question: You have discussed the nature of defiled seeds; what’s the best way to cleanse them away?

Vajragoni: Well, a good way to begin is by practicing the techniques found in Shoden Session # 5, Dragonyana Ho.

Question: What does Dragonyana mean?

Vajragoni: The Dragon-vehicle, or the inconceivable wisdom (Buddhi) of the Supreme and Undivided Nature of Bodhi. In union with this technique it helps to clear away those defiled seeds (blockages) that prevent proper bodhiflow.

Question: You also call this the Dragon Breathing Technique?

Vajragoni: Yes, in other words “Wisdom’s Breath” restores proper balance in your Unborn Light Body.

Question: Huh? You wanna run that by me again???

Vajragoni: LOL! Yes, what you need to realize is that all of these dhyana techniques are ways to empower or stimulate the “spirits of concentrated bodhi” which are hidden within the Chakras as seen in the Light of the Unborn; they are your pathway, or channel to the Realm of Dharmadhatu (true nature of reality); hence, they together constitute your Light Body.

Question: Cool! There once was an episode on the Original Outer Limits series entitled, “The Bellero Shield.” It was about this marvelous Light Being who was inadvertently brought to earth through a scientist’s Laser beam machine; he was essentially a Light Being from a dimension of light that hovered just above the surface of our world…so, does this highlight what you mean by empowering the Light Body?

Vajragoni: There you go with that “Being” stuff again…

Question: Ooops! Sorry!

Vajragoni: This is not about contacting or channeling “Beings” of Light from different dimensions or Ethereal Spirit Guides or Spooks or whatever you want to call them. Bodies of Light, or Light Body is just speaking figuratively about THAT which is ineffable and so inexplicable from ordinary consciousness that expedient means are necessary to try to encapsulate in sentient fashion the nature of Transcendent Reality. When referring to Unborn Light or Bodies of Light or Light Body, Light in this sense means what we were referring to earlier: seeing and hence shedding “light” on the difference between relative truth and Reality….or, enlightening the True Awareness Power of your Unborn Spirit. The great Zen Master Huang Po would express it this way: “The Unborn Buddha Mind is like the Sun, forever in the void, shining spontaneously, shining without intending to shine. This is not something which you can accomplish without effort, but when you reach the point of clinging to nothing whatever, you will be acting as the Buddhas act. This will indeed be acting in accordance with the saying, ‘Develop a mind that rests on no-thing whatever.’ For this is your pure Dharmakaya, which is called supreme perfect Enlightenment.”

Question: So why even bring into the equation “bodies of light”?

Vajragoni: Because the Chakras highlight frequencies or energy wavelengths within the spectrum of Unborn Light Reiki; in this sense they are pathways that express the unique and vast qualities inherent in the Unborn Spirit. Once attuned to them, the adept will grow spiritually in the Unborn and will see beyond the soiled veil of aggregated existence (the rupakaya or personalized skandhic forms) and shall come to know through Buddha-gnosis the Dharmadhatu. So, this Dragon Breathing Technique known as Dragonyana Ho helps to clear away any excess energy that has become bogged down in the sphere of rupakaya thus restoring proper balance and bodhiflow within the Unborn Light Body, which is also another synonym for the Dharmakaya, or the Absolute Buddha Body of Perfect Suchness. Our friend, Huang Po would call this “supreme perfect Enlightenment”, while within UBLR this is referred to as Dragonyana, or Supreme and undivided awareness power.

Question: So how does this technique restore proper bodhiflow within the Unborn Light Body?

Vajragoni: Firstly, you will notice that the adept is asked to stand rather than to sit or lie down during this technique.

Question: Yes, I noticed that…

Vajragoni: This posture is essential in order to properly release any stagnated energy and also to effectively engage the Primordial Dragon Chakra in the initial discharge stage. Remember, this is the most essential of all the Chakras as it “roots” out the defiled seeds (bija) of the Alaya-vijnana. So, after engaging the Primordial Dragon Chakra and raising the accumulated excess energy and releasing it high above the head, the Dharmamegha Chakra is next engaged; this is the direct connection to the Unborn Spirit and the place that triggers Right Release of the Reikian Light Body that fosters unhindered bodhiflow resulting in healing and illuminative Spiritual Growth from the Unborn Mind. This technique is bracketed by proper breathing within the Dantian as any excess energy is moved out of the rupakaya as the heightened Reikian Light Energy ascends and descends throughout the torso, thus triggering the aforementioned Right Release of the Reikian Light Body or Dharmakaya as IT remains centered and does not move an inch. In time and after repeated sessions with this technique, the adept will become more familiar with the cleansing energy of the Primordial Light Body and will sense that the rupakaya is conforming to proper bodhiflow.

Question: One more comment here and it concerns what you refer to as the old Gnostic understanding of “As Above, So Below.” What is its significance?

Vajragoni: This is based on the classic Hermetic formula that states, “THAT which was is as THAT which will be, and THAT which will be is as THAT which was, to accomplish the miracles of eternity.” And so, THAT which is above is like to THAT which is below and THAT which is below is like to THAT which is above, to accomplish the miracle of the one thing…the Unborn Mind. What this translates as is that there are no “spatial” dimensions when it comes to the understanding of the Unborn…IT simply IS AS SUCH with no thing ascending or descending. IT encompasses ALL and NOTHING and in ITs pure state of actuosity transcends them both. This is thus symbolized in the Dragonyaya Ho technique with its commencing and ending with the Primordial Dragon Chakra, where the primordial “root” neither begins nor ends but IS AS IT IS…


Shoden Session #5: Dragonyana Ho

A method (Ho) for cleansing and healing and one that fosters spiritual development in the Unborn: This is the Dragon Breathing Technique used to clear stagnated or blocked energy that hinders proper bodhiflow. If you discover that too much stagnated energy has built up within the rupakaya, this technique will help you to release it; or if you are lacking in Unborn Light Reikian energy you will be empowered to build it up, hence restoring proper balance in your Unborn Light Body.

Dhyana Technique: In order to restore proper bodhiflow within the Unborn Light Body practice the following:

Dragonyana Ho: This Dragon Breathing technique is used to strengthen the Supreme and Undivided Power of Bodhi. With the hands cupped beneath the seat or “root” of the Primordial Dragon Chakra, entrapped or stagnated energy is released through an upward motion that resonates throughout the Reikian Body of Unborn Light culminating in the Dharmamegha Chakra or the direct connection to the Unborn Spirit. The process is then “reversed” as the Reikian vibrations of Unborn Light permeate throughout the rupakaya hence triggering Right Release of the Reikian Light Body THAT fosters unhindered bodhiflow resulting in healing and Illuminative Spiritual Growth from the Unborn Mind. You will also develop a deep appreciation within this technique of the old gnostic understanding of “As Above, So Below.

  1. Stand erect with your feet shoulder width apart and the knees slightly bent.
  2. Gassho: This helps to focus the mind and awaken the Recollective Resolve. Gently close your eyes.
  3. Slowly bring your hand to rest in a cupped position (palms facing upwards) just beneath the Primordial Dragon Chakra thus sensing the rising primordial energy of Reikian Unborn Light.
  4. Take a deep breath within the Dantian and as you release the breath slowly raise your arms with the hands still cupped and move the hands high above the head with the palms now facing upwards and turned inwards thus releasing the energy upwards. Remain in this position until you feel a tingly sensation (accompanied with a sort of heaviness) in the hands.
  5. Take another deep breath within the Dantian as you feel the heightened Reikian Light Energy descend through your hands and arms. As you release the breath slowly move your hands down and gently rest them on the top of the crown (palms downward and one hand on top of the other) or Dharmamegha Chakra. Remain in this position for 5 minutes.
  6. Breathe deeply within the Dantian again and on the out breath send the energy “throughout” from the top of the head to the tips of your toes. Repeat this a few times or until there is a strong flow of energy. When you’re ready, breathe out again and move the energy out of the rupakaya and into the Unborn Light Body and continue to expand this “light” until it reaches infinity; you may also repeat this a few times until there is a strong flow of energy.
  7. While breathing deeply again from the Dantian slowly move your hands downwards on the out breath (with the palms facing the body) until they come to rest again just beneath the Primordial Dragon Chakra; then release the energy downwards through the soles of your feet.
  8. Gently relax and allow yourself to breathe naturally. You may now want to move with the Reikian Light Energy that is now pulsating through your Primordial Light Body; just allow yourself to remain centered and don’t move an inch.
  9. Allow yourself to remain with all this for as long as you need. During further sessions of Dragonyana Ho you will discover yourself opening up to the energy of the Primordial Light Body thus allowing ITs proper bodhiflow to move the rupakaya as IT sees fit.
  10. Gassho: Give thanks to your Unborn Spirit.

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