Technique #6: Spanda Ho

Question: I see that Shoden Session # 6 incorporates a Vedic-oriented term, Spanda…is this correct?

Vajragoni: Yes. The term is rooted in the ancient scriptures of Kashmir Saivism and represents the primordial principle that constitutes the “vibratory” nature of the universe; it is the very heartthrob of the Absolute Reality of the Source ITself.

Question: Are you saying, then, that the essence of this Primordial Vibration is at the core of every living thing?

Vajragoni: Spanda is the Primordial Pulsation from which all things emerge and to which they return when properly attuned to the self-realization of Noble Wisdom.

Question: Sorry, but I don’t see how self-realization connects with this…

Vajragoni: Spanda sparks and thus transforms, through vibratory waves of energy, all lower energy signatures through the very ACT of Noble self-realization wherein one awakens from the limitations of composed phenomena and recollects the primordial consciousness (Amala-vijnana) THAT breaks the spell of all former vijananic attachments and associations.

Question: Does this mean that the lower levels of consciousness are transformed into the Primordial Light of the Unborn?

Vajragoni: Absolutely! Marvelously good insight! When one is realigned with the Primordial Vibration (Spanda) the lower levels of all cognitive activity are extinguished in favor of the higher frequencies of UBLR. When properly conducted, Spanda Ho empowers the adept to detune all those lower energy signatures that perpetually keeps one unfocused and unaware by initiating Right Mindfulness wherein one breaks the spell of habitual dependent origination through the supracognitive abilities of the Amala-vijnana; hence one is united with the supraconsciousness of the Unborn Mind.

Question: This is troubling…it seems that our ordinary consciousness is separate from what constitutes the consciousness of the Unborn Mind ITself…and yet, I was always taught that our consciousness is in fact already ONE with Source…so, you seem to be implying a dualism here…one type of consciousness as opposed to an absolute one…

Vajragoni: It’s not a matter of separation but rather a difference in the degree of vibratory awareness. You must remember that ordinary consciousness is constantly being filtered through the five skandhas…and not just through the fifth one that constitutes the vijnanas, or consciousness itself, because ordinary consciousness “perceives” reality through form, sensation, thought, and motion as well; it’s all interconnected and is constantly interactive in most subliminal ways as the very lens of one’s ordinary consciousness in turn bends and shapes the skandhas according to one’s experience. In this sense, ordinary consciousness is relative, as one perceives the skandhas quite differently depending on how the defiled seeds of the Alaya-vijnana take root within an individual’s personal makeup…personally meaning the arbitrary allotment of those seeds within the skandhic sphere.

Question: Hmmm, I think I understand…so, one’s ordinary conscious perceptions are arbitrary as opposed to the absolute nature of Reality as perceived by the primordial consciousness of the Unborn Mind?

Vajragoni: Almost on target there, my friend, but we need to be mindful that the act of perception itself is arbitrary and constantly conditioned by the dreaming skandhic mind; primordial consciousness is not conditioned but rather precedes the act of perception…remember, Mind does not perceive but rather RECOLLECTS ITself.

Question: So perception is different from recollection?

Vajragoni: Absolutely! The former relies upon arbitrary associations while the latter is already intrinsically attuned to the undivided Self of Suchness, or Tathata. So, once again, the difference here is in terms of vibratory awareness and that’s why the Spanda Ho technique empowers one to attune to the primordial vibrations that crack the former darkened skandhic shell (hence all of the lower energy vibrations) thereby releasing the higher frequencies of Unborn Light that permeates the True Abode of deathlessness.

Question: I see that the main focal point for this technique occurs within the Self Chakra…why is this so?

Vajragoni: Because this represents the True-Self, our Unborn Spirit THAT is completely unhindered from all of those arbitrary karmic associations whose clouded perceptions hinder proper bodhiflow. It’s within The Self Chakra that the lower levels of cognition (where all karmic actions are spawned) are transcended when the primordial vibrations (spanda) thoroughly precede them.

Question: And this is brought about through intoning the sacred sound OM?

Vajragoni: This is the Primordial Mantra that activates the Higher Frequencies of Unborn Light and when properly intoned evokes (i.e., when karmic pre-dispositions are preceded) the “soundless sound” of the primordial consciousness (Amala-vijnana) within the Sacred Heart of Suchness, or The Self Chakra.

Question: That’s the part that I still find hard to comprehend…what do you mean by “soundless sound”…I mean, isn’t one still intoning the sacred mantra? At what point does it become “soundless”?

Vajragoni: O.K…let’s look at this step by step through the Dhyana Technique itself. Firstly, one connects to the Higher Frequencies of UBLR by raising their hands in the traditional reiki posture (high above the head with palms turned inwards); after a connection has been made, one lowers the hands and presents them in gassho fashion in front of The Self Chakra…this posture is maintained until the Reikian Light begins to pulsate at the point where the middle fingers meet.

It’s essential to keep this pulsating point in mind before moving on, as it is the point of transcendence from which the primordial vibrations will emanate from when the sacred mantra is initiated. All of this constitutes the first stage of the technique. Secondly, one begins to breathe rhythmically from within the depths of their Dantian, the location where the primordial energies are invoked; this is accompanied by intoning the mantra, OM, as one continues to hold this intonation on the out breath for approximately 40 seconds…this action is continued until one fully merges with the mantra, becoming ONE with it. The state of Oneness can be discerned when one’s breath is totally emptied out from within the Dantian, or until you awaken to the realization that your breath IS the mantra. Now, think for a moment…what is this particular action helping to bring about?

Question: Well, I know that a lot of inward tension is released…

Vajragoni: Precisely! This inward “tension” is symbolic of what we’ve been discussing…and that is all of those PERCEIVED cognitive predispositions, or karmic impulses. Now, where are your hands during all this?

Question: Still held in gassho position in front of the Self Chakra.

Vajragoni: Yes…and???

Question: Well, by this time the fingers are in tune with the Primordial Vibrations emanating from the Sacred Mantra…and as these vibrations emerge they begin to precede all those former “perceived” karmic impulses…

Vajragoni: By Jove, I think he’s got it!!! This is “precisely” what occurs at this stage as well as the added benefit of “releasing” karmic impediments through the fingertips. This stage is repeated until one develops an easy rhythm that is indicative of merging with the Unborn Spirit. Lastly, we come to your inquiry about the “soundless sound”. At this stage, while continuing to gently intone the sacred mantra from the Dantian, one places the left hand over the left ear while resting the right hand gently upon The Self Chakra (the center of the chest, or heart). Now, this particular position is symbolic of how the Unborn Spirit turns a deaf ear to all passing phenomena and aligns ITself to the one constant that never fluctuates or changes…and that is the “Soundless Sound” of the Amala-vijnana, or the primordial consciousness that emanates from within the Sacred Heart of Suchness (Self Chakra); this is symbolically represented as the vibrating oscillations of the Sacred Mantra slowly fade away at the conclusion of your out- breath.

Question: So the “soundless sound” is heard at the conclusion of the out-breath, or when the fading tones of the Sacred Mantra have subsided?

Vajragoni: Sorry to disappoint you, my friend…but how does one “hear” the Soundless Sound?

Question: [stunned silence]

Vajragoni: [bows reverently]

Question: And so this final stage is repeated until one “intuitively” merges with the undivided Self of Suchness, or Tathata?

Vajragoni: Quite right. Remember, though, that this is a highly refined intuition that is instilled with heightened Vidyaa (awareness) and through which one learns not to grasp at finding answers but rather learns to trust in the movement of the Unborn Spirit within the Sacred Self THAT alone provides insight into the stillpoint of the primordial consciousness, or Amala-vijnana.


Shoden Session #6: Spanda Ho

Invoking the Primordial Pulsation of the Unborn Spirit: When we become distracted from the subtle and creative vibration (Spanda) of the Unborn we lose energy (Unborn Light Reiki), focus, and a general sense of wellbeing that can even lead to illness. This technique helps to crack the cocoon of our habitual patterns (karma) by breaking forth into the undivided Self of Suchness (Tathata) as the former skandhic shell is discarded in favor of the True Abode of Deathlessness.

Dhyana Technique: In order to tune into the Primordial Oscillations of the Unborn Spirit practice the following:

Spanda Ho: The cognitive moment in which the impulse to action (karma) arises can be transcended through the primordial vibrations (Spanda) THAT precedes them. The radiant, pulsating and Unborn oscillations are enhanced by the light of awareness (vidyaa) through The Self Chakra; it is here that the True Self (Unborn Spirit) shines unhindered from defiled karmic associations as they dissolve away in Dharmameghic Ecstasy through THAT elemental “bee-like” hum that is symbolized by the primordial mantra, OM [pronounced AUM]. While gently intoning this sacred mantra, all karmic predispositions are “preceded” as THAT oscillating tone evokes the “soundless sound” of the pure consciousness (Amala- vijnana) within the Sacred Heart of Suchness (Self Chakra).

  1. Sit and gassho. This helps to focus the mind and awaken the Recollective Resolve. Gently close your eyes.
  2. Raise your hands high above your head with the palms turned inwards (fingers facing each other) thus connecting with Unborn Light Reiki. Hold this position until you feel a tingly sensation in the hands that extends downwards throughout your entire torso.
  3. Slowly lower your arms and bring your hands into the gassho position and then position them directly in line with the chest, or The Self Chakra. Maintain this position until you can feel the radiating Reikian Light pulsating at the point where the middle fingers meet.
  4. Breathe deeply within your Dantian and on the out breath gently intone the primordial mantra, OM; continue to hold this intonation on your out-breath for as long as you can (usually 35 to 40 seconds max).
  5. Continue to focus on the OM intonation until you feel your breath totally emptying out of the Dantian. This releases any tension (perceived cognitive karmic impulses). Make sure you “release” these karmic impediments through the tips of your fingers, still held in the gassho position.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you develop an easy rhythm.
  7. Continue to gently intone the primordial mantra, OM, through your Dantian. While doing this, place your left hand over your left ear while bringing the right hand to gently rest on The Self Chakra (chest); this helps to focus the attention on the seat of the Self (Unborn Spirit) as the “soundless sound” of the Amala-vijnana begins to emanate from within the Sacred Heart of Suchness (Self Chakra) as the vibrating oscillations (spanda) fade away at the conclusion of your out-breath.
  8. Repeat step 7 until you merge with the undivided Self of Suchness (Tathata). This is only discernible through your intuition.
  9.  Gassho. Give thanks to your Unborn Spirit.

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