Technique #7: Sugata Ho

Question: Along the lines of grasp and grasping…I see that you mention them in Shoden Session # 7, Sugata Ho. Why are they problematic?

Vajragoni: They are problematic in the sense of what we’ve been discussing…the very act of “grasping” is activated through cognitive dissonance which in turn sets into motion the perpetual wheel of pain known as dependent origination.

Question: The wheel of pain?

Vajragoni: In other words, perpetual regenesis

Question: I see…and the act of grasping activates perpetual regenesis?

Vajragoni: It’s one part in a whole sequence of habitual cognitive dysfunctions of a Mind that dreams ITself into pluralized stenosis. The sequence is as follows:

1. Out of avidya (ignorance) arises the composed, sankhara, which is the origin of
perception within the maternal womb.
2. In dependence upon the composed arises consciousness (vijnana).
3. In dependence on consciousness arises the corporal form (nama rupa).
4. In dependence on the corporal form arise the sense organs.
5. In dependence on the sense organs arises contact (phassa).
6. In dependence on contact arises sensation (vedana).
7. In dependence on sensation arises thirst or desire (tanha).
8. In dependence on desire arises grasping (upadana).
9. In dependence on grasping arises Becoming (bhava).
10. In dependence on Becoming arises birth (jati).
11. In dependence on birth arises old age and death, sorrow, pain, grief, joy…hence samsara.
12. Then this cycle of perpetual regenesis repeats itself.

The act of grasping is critical in all this since it is the cognitive mechanism that leads to the act of Becoming which sparks the germ or seed within the Alaya- vijnana that leads to corporal confinement within the realm of samsara; hence one needs to negate the act of grasping and instead, “turn-about” and rest secure and content in the Middle Way…which in Sugata Ho is represented by the Sugata-garbha Chakra.

Question: Hmmm, this is like the womb of Becoming being supplanted by the Womb of Suchness?

Vajragoni: Right on target there, my friend! Yes, indeed, within the Sugata-garbha there is nothing at all that needs to be cleared away and nothing need be added to what actually IS (Dharmatā) within Unimpeded Luminous Spacelessness; hence one awakens to liberation here by the stored immaculate virtues of the Sugata.

Question: I’d like to back track for a moment if I may…you mention that the act of grasping is the most critical component in the web of perpetual regenesis…yet, I would have thought that “desire” itself is the main culprit in this wiley drama called dukkha.

Vajragoni: Not quite…you must understand that one cannot prevent desires from spinning their wiley threads…they simply and spontaneously just pop into the head and no amount of rigid self-mortification can forestall their attack; rather, it is only when one ACTS on them that they kick into motion unwholesome Becoming…and “grasping” is the component that produces the action. Whereas the Sagathakam part (#263) of the Lanka says, “There is nothing grasped, nor grasping, nor one who grasps; there are no names, no objects; those who carry on their groundless discriminative way of thinking lack intelligence.”

Question: O.K., so how does this Dhyana Technique empower one to negate the act of grasping?

Vajragoni: Let’s walk through it, shall we?

Question: Of course!

Vajragoni: The first stage consists in placing one’s hands directly on the Sugata-garbha Chakra (located above the navel), which is the main belly area; now, one maintains this position for 15 minutes. Firstly, consider this particular location…it’s the area where all is safe and secure from the sphere of outside vexations; now imagine this area expanding to cover the entire known universe and beyond, beyond to the “spacelessness” of the Supreme Womb of Buddhaic Light…pretty big area, huh?

Question: Yikes! I guess so!

Vajragoni: That’s why it’s essential to maintain this position for at least 15 minutes to empower one to grasp this immense spacelessness. You see, within this Supreme Womb of Buddhaic Light all restless cognitive activity is stilled…it’s like being “swallowed up” into the vastness of the Void…so no grasping vexation has a chance to take root in you…not capable of taking root because here you are empowered to remain rooted in the seat of Primordial Wisdom ITself. The second stage consists in returning the hands to the gassho position while continuing to focus on the Sugata-garbha Chakra; this is a position of deep reverence for the Sugata and for the marvelous transformation that is taking place in you while breathing into the hands the vast Spaceless Energy of this Chakra; next, one reverses the process by “turning about” and, through the out breath, returns the energy to the Sugata-garbha Chakra…this is symbolic of ONENESS with the Source ITself…and this stage is repeated until you develop a nice and easy rhythm that is an awakening that the Source is breathing through you…you are ONE. The third stage has one placing the dominant hand on the Sugata-garbha Chakra and the other on The Dragon Eye of Tathata Chakra (the forehead). What is occurring here is that the latter chakra is being activated while the former one remains the dominant focus…this position is to be maintained for 5 minutes.

Lastly, one removes the hand from The Dragon Eye of Tathata Chakra and places it gently on the other dominant hand that is resting on the Sugata-garbha Chakra; in this position one is Empowered to see with Unborn Eyes that all of the ways of the saha realm, with its grasping and other troublesome cognitive impressions are really EMPTY and hence void in LIGHT of the FULNESS of creative expression in the very depths of Spacelessness; hence your heavy load is lightened as you are Enlightened (filled with Buddhaic Light).

Question: Wow! Thank you! I have much to ponder here…

Vajragoni: Good…and may the Spirit of Unborn Light Enlighten all your endeavors.


Shoden Session #7: Sugata Ho

Strengthening one’s spiritual ascent to the Unborn within the supreme womb of Buddhaic Light (Sugata-garbha Chakra): Finding satisfaction and contentment by being centered in the wholesome and blissful nature of the Unborn as one is progressively perfected by getting closer and closer to ITs non-dual nature thus skillfully evading the saha-realm through Luminous Liberation.

Dhyana Technique: In order to remain rooted in the seat of knowledge (jnana) that perfects wholesome bodhiflow practice the following:

Sugata Ho: This is the Middle Way technique that empowers one to see with Unborn eyes that all apparent disturbances [the wheel of confused appearances] are sunya, with nothing really to accept, nothing to reject, since IT is beyond existence and non-existence; beyond all dualities. The “grasper” must learn not to “grasp” at turbulent cognitive personifications that are in actuality flashing impressions upon the mirrored mind that dreams ITSELF into pluralized stenosis. Rather, rest secure and content in the Middle Way (Sugata-garbha Chakra) where there is nothing at all that needs to be cleared away and nothing added to what actually is (Dharmatā) within unimpeded Luminous Spacelessness; thus one will be liberated by the stored immaculate virtues of the Sugata.

  1. Sit and gassho. This helps to focus the mind and awaken the Recollective Resolve. Gently close your eyes.
  2. Place both hands gently on the Sugata-garbha Chakra and remain in this position for 15 minutes. This will empower you to remain rooted in this primordial seat of knowledge (jnana)
  3. Return your hands to the gassho position and focus on the Sugata-garbha Chakra. While breathing-in bring the energy from this Chakra into your hands; then, turn-about and reverse the process through your out-breath by moving the energy (Unborn Light Reiki) from the hands and down throughout the torso and back into the Sugata-garbha Chakra.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you develop a nice, easy rhythm.
  5. Place your dominant hand on the Sugata-garbha Chakra and the other hand on the Dragon Eye of Tathata Chakra. Remain in this position for 5 minutes.
  6. Remove your hand from the Dragon Eye of Tathata and place in on top of the hand that is resting on the Sugata-garbha Chakra. Remain in this position for 15 minutes. This will empower you to see with Unborn Eyes that all of your saha ways are empty (sunya) in light of the fullness of reality (Dharmatā) THAT is unimpeded Luminous Spacelessness within the Sugata-garbha Chakra.
  7. Gassho. Give thanks to your Unborn Spirit.

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