The well of no origin

Please share what you have, so I may quench this thirst.

The well is over there. Why don´t you taste the water yourself?

Where? I cannot see it.

Something is obviously in the way obscuring the view.

How do I remove it?

It is not real. You cannot remove what is not real, the very act itself would be unreal and spiritually injurious. Like trying to fill a bottomless bucket with water. Why not bring yourself straight through it? Something brought this sack of bones and desperate ideas before me, surely it can bring itself over there without too much effort.

I do not understand. How do I bring myself from here to over there?

Here? Where do you think you are?

I am here standing on a stony ground outside a cave.

Really? Obviously, you are very narrow-minded and your obstinate mind has no trouble settling in all these phenomena you perceive as a body of your self, a mountain ground, a blue sky, an entrance to a cave, the sounds of birds and the presence of an old man pointing at a place of no origin that freely offers what you seek.

What do you mean with a place of no origin? All I see is your finger pointing at an old oak over there.

Your eyes and its cousins are in the way. They are the prime messengers of your present consciousness. Which one of them being the greatest villain and source of your current misfortune remains to be seen.

Are you asking me to remove them?

Your Mind doesn´t need any of them in order to illuminate and verify all phenomena previously described. In one direct act it could detach from all these diversified focal points of instant rendition, and instead, focus its entire power of illumination on the well I am pointing at? Go ahead, give it a try. What do you have to lose?

So the well is there, now?

Position and time within the parameters of your consciousness are irrelevant compared to what is there for you to taste, see and know right beyond its current extremely limiting purview.

My intellect cannot conceive of something like that without a verifiable reference point.

Right there is your greatest obstacle. It is yours. Other beings have different ones, all depending on karmic predispositions. Yours is a particularly nasty one to go through unscathed by its myriad hooks of illusions.

How then?

Time is its greatest ally. It needs a time of any measure in order to generate its habitual stream of mentation. Kill its supply of time and its power of said mentation will instantly cease, allowing immediate entrance into the imageless reality and indisputable presence of the well. The kill must be direct and complete. Allow even the fruition of a single moment and the well remains as another unreachable illusion, compared to what it is when faced directly.

How do I kill time which enables instant passthrough and entrance?

Move this great mountain one step closer to the well over there, and time will no longer be what you really are. Such a reality is simply beyond its reach.

How can I move the immovable, even one step? You are asking for the impossible.

No, I am not. How about that, the sky has gone dark and the first drops of rain are here. Time for a good fire and some nice tea. All the best.


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