Further Disclosures of the True Nature

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Chapter Nine continues the discourse on the Tantra vehicles that are linked to cause and effect, thus they are insufficient in light of the Great Perfection. Chapter Ten then reverses the downplay of those vehicles, indicating that there is still value inherent in all of them—because Dzogchen does not impose any limits. Thus, Samantabhadrī is the all-encompassing One and permits many different schools under her roof. Ultimately, however, it is always the Dzogchen teachings that are dominant and the best course to realize the Self-actualization of her Beingness.

Since these chapters are by and large digressive in nature on certain points, this series will henceforth proceed with the Samantabhadrī-Discourses highlighting certain nuances in the texts. The “chapters” they originate from will be indicated in brackets.

[Chapter 11]

Oh great Bodhi-Being, Listen and absorb! I am The Root of the All. Outside of this rootedness no-thing exists of its own accord. The Four Yogas—they are my Being. The three fold realms of desire, form, and formlessness, are also constitutive of my Being. All animate and inanimated worlds are My Being. Thus, outside of My Beingness, no-thing does not exist that does not consist of this Self-same Being.

My Beingness encompasses three aspects: the Unborn, positive genesis, and Compassion. With regard to the Three times, Buddhas transcend them all because they reside in the Oneness of My Being. This does not mean that one should “count” them individually, since Myself constitutes not oneness or otherness but Isness.

[Chapter 12]

Listen, great Bodhi-Being! I Am the Source of all the sacred texts and instructions and spiritual disciplines. Thus, all the Sutras and Tantras consist of Spiritual-Truths that are inspired through Myself. They are all well and good in pointing towards my Supreme Essence, yet one must not become totally dependent upon them since in coming to Me, all striving and achieving needs to be muted-out in favor of My own Self-Same Spirit. Indeed, I Am the Absolute Climax of all such teachings and spiritual methodologies. I Am the Light of all lights, nothing outside of this Clear Light can dispel the darkness.

Above all, dispel all discursive-thoughts! They are the evil root of all obscurations of spirit. Break the chains of this evil conceit! The dominant practitioners of Atiyoga know best how to sever the chains since they first look to Me and nothing other outside of Me. They know that there is no-thing other than My Self-Same Mind. To search outside this Unborn Mind for anything lesser than Its premier position in all things is a futile affair. Behold! I Am the Sameness inherent in all. This Sameness need not be generated in any other manner. How could Sameness even attempt to replicate Sameness?

Thus Spoke Samantabhadrī

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