Who Is Worthy?

The Samantabhadrī Discourse continues:

[Chapter 13]

Listen, great Bodhi-Being! I teach only the Root Source. Outside of this supernal rootedness whatever is taught to be revealed is surface chatter minus the Root. My Suchness is the Root. If one discerns one’s own Pure Mindfulness to be this Perfect Suchness, one will no longer mindlessly dwell in a stage where just clinging to the words of a Buddha is apparently sufficient. It is not. By virtue of this insight one will come to master the Atiyoga. Yet, those of a lesser-mind vintage will never come to experience the Single Taste. For those few fortunate ones, they who have transcended their karmic-baggage, will come to Self-realize how insufficient all manner of teachings and doctrinal viewpoints, all stages of Bodhisattvahood, and even the generation of Bodhicitta is in Light of the Such.  In such manner, one will discern that in Actuality there is no difference between the conventional and absolute, for one now directly and undividedly sees the all in Light of Perfect Suchness, the Supernal Mindfulness Itself.

[Chapter 14]

Oh great Bodhi-Being, I the Supreme Source, Am also the Secret-One within all. My own Beingness can never be taught—it must be Self-Realized. This above all must be kept in secrecy. Anyone incapable of this Realization is not worthy of the Secret. Who is worthy to break open the Secret Seal of the Deathless One? Only one who is instilled with the Mind of Perfect Purity—the vigor of all things! Thus I, the Unborn Source Supreme, have disclosed the inner truth of My own Self-Nature. In Essence, I have thus displayed It only to Myself. It is not transmitted by any outside agency, one bearing the mark of any disciples and their teachers. I Am hence Markless, prior to all; those who discern in such fashion will come to Know Me and Only-Me, sans any skandhic apparatus.   

Thus Spoke Samantabhadrī

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