The Truth About Enlightenment

The Samantabhadrī Discourse continues:

[Chapter 15]

Listen, Great Bodhi-Being! My own Being is Self-evident. In this respect I Am actualizing you. By virtue of this Self-Evident Nature, you are a manifestation of Me; thus make this Actualization your own. If you do not recognize Herself in you, you thereby abandon your own Beingness. Remain in Her as She Is in you. Lay waste to methodologies that are mere causal effects masquerading as your True-Self. By these feeble attempts at mind-purification you will fail to recognize and Recollect that your own Mind IS It’s own unadulterated Reality, never in need of forms of causal purifications. This is true in even attempting modes of samādhi in pursuit of some superficial Buddhahood. Even trying to name said-buddha. What form of Buddha is this? Recognize that apart from the Reality of the Unborn and Self-actualizing Mind there is no Buddha. If you were to study this Mind you will find nothing; yet an Illuminative Clarity is always there!

The same is true of so-called conventional enlightenment. There is no-thing named enlightenment that actually exists. Enlightenment is not about some experience you get; there is no Enlightenment outside Myself, hence there’s no you having a you-moment. In truth, Enlightenment is just a term that attempts to define the Natural-Order of Mind and All It encompasses. Therefore, just Be in My Natural-Order, the Dharmakaya of Perfect Suchness. This Natural-Order is actionless and never in need of striving in some inadequate and less-than Real spiritual practice. Thus, Her True Natural-Order can never be altered or won through any effort. Recollect that incessantly striving after some form of satisfaction in spiritual progress is in actuality no-progress. Abandon all vain pursuits in the quest of spiritual-perfection, because any form of perfectionism does not exist outside My Self-Same Beingness. This unalterable truth is Unborn and Non-Conceptual, It is the hidden dimension of the Inconceivable Dharmadhatu, That which, since the beginningless past knows no subjective or objective frames of reference. As Such, It is never in need of any deeds, It Is Deedless, the Great Unborn Buddha-Mind.

Thus Spoke Samantabhadrī

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