The Antidote to all smallness

*You will notice some jumping-around with the numbered sequence in these chapters. Some are just supporting subject matter already covered. What follows henceforth will be chapters that introduce new insights for reflection.

The Samantabhadrī Discourse continues:

[Chapter 22]

Great Bodhi-Being, Listen! For My Natural-Order to remain foremost in mind at all times and under all circumstances the following teachings are of paramount importance. The Non-Action of my pathless-path cannot be localized in time and space. Why is this? There’s no-place to become attached to because “nothing is becoming and nothing has become.” Likewise, the mind cannot grasp what is essentially non-graspable. The Dharmakaya cannot be reached or likewise attained since It already encompasses the All and does not need to be augmented in any way, shape, or fashion. The same can be said of Nirvana, it cannot be reached as a destination as the supernal dimension of the Real knows no loss or gain.

The Dharma-Eye sees no object and thus marvelously revels in the wonderment of the Such which cannot be captured or measured through ordinary means. Do not seek happiness in the vain attempt to capture what is ungraspable and inconceivable. This goes the same for clinging to past teachings (Theravada corpus); if you vainly cling to this attempt based on these past spiritual pursuits, then the result will be perpetual suffering and endless frustration. Those who already claim to be omniscient are sick in mind and spirit due to their longing for some unattainable bliss. Do not pursue paths which are in actuality no-paths. If one does so, then they are no better than a deer being moonstruck in pursuing a mirage in the deep forest of illusions.    

Acute and Undivided Awareness is free from all discursive thought. It is like a precious jewel being manifested in the company of spiritual friends of My Highest-Order. It is a jewel that is primordial in scope and will remain so for all eternity. This Primordial Awareness is devoid of all grasping and attachments. It is the Boundless Dharma Itself, the supreme antidote to all smallness. (Lesser Vehicles). It is the Supreme Vehicle. Yet, if one should try to grasp it and somehow attain It, one will surely remain lost in the grip of questing-after the unattainable. “It does not move within, yet there is nothing to seek within.” It is ever-expansive, this Unborn and Deathless realm of Samantabhadrī.

Be mindful that the “Twelve-Dependent links” are mere trifles for the self-deluded. All six categories of sentient beings in the realms of impermanence are nothing other-than echoes of My Primordial Pathway, the Stargate of the One issuing-forth the manifold reflection of the Many. Butchers, prostitutes, all those guilty of the most heinous crimes, all the social-outcasts and misfits are in actuality none-other than My own glorious Hue, bathed in Compassion and dipped in the rich honey of the Dharma. All these and many more, hidden-away in the deepest outposts of all the universes, are bathed in my essence. And those who dwell aligned with My Perfect-Purity and Actuosity, dwell entirely in their own Beingness, not apart from My Own.  

Thus Spoke Samantabhadrī

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