The Cuckoo of Presence

The Samantabhadrī Discourse continues:

(Chapter 30)

Listen, O’ Great Bodhi Being! Your very Self is Me, Myself Am You. This is the Self-Same Realization since the Primordial beginning.

Be mindful that anyone who is preoccupied with a time-factor in their meditations do so at their own peril and will not achieve any imaginary goals. If one should mindfully say, “I will not focus on any desires”, that is declared a self-empty sign in itself. Since my ultimate Self-Nature is the One prior to any oneness, there are never any particularities to deal with whatsoever. In such vein, the premier-Yogin will be like the unbounded Blue Sky, the unhindered pathway of birds on the wing. 

The Yogins who have mastered wordlessness will always have good fortune. They can ascertain from an oscillating rainbow pattern the colors of the Five Buddha Families. At the same time, My Pure Actuosity is greater than those five elementals As It Is free from originating outflows and objective cessations. It is thus free from the three times AS IT IS Timelessness Itself.

[Chapter 31 concerns what is known as The Cuckoo of Presence, or the chapter of the Six Vajra Verses. In ancient Tibetan shamanistic tradition the cuckoo was considered as a magical bird, the Lord over all fowls. As the cuckoo’s first song is the coming of Springtime, so these Six Verses represent the Total-Presence of the Natural-Order of Mind Itself. Yea, it is considered as the Root Text of Dzogchen. So, listen and absorb carefully now Samantabhadrī’s Primordial Song.]

The Real Nature of all Dharmata is non-dual
and All-About is Simply Purity in Essence.
The awesome wonder of AS IT IS does not form conceptual conjectures
It IS perpetually Luminous in display and thus represents the Timeless Good.
It Is already Self-Perfected so the sickness of striving must cease
Just-Be In the Natural Order—this is spontaneous contemplation.

[Chapter 32 represents the four definitive statements]

Whatever makes itself known is True in its Suchness.
No one can attempt to falsify this Realization.
This Sovereignty is non-conceptual and dwells in the Spirit of the Unborn
Forever abiding in the Undivided Dharmakaya.

[Chapter 33]

Great Bodhi-Being, Listen! IT abides AS IT IS without the crutch of any intelligibility. This Realization leads to Buddhahood on an imageless-path. Do not partake in any overly salutary rites or oblations, otherwise the Self-Actuating Primacy will be stained. Never regard Buddha’s and sentient beings to be different, as they both partake in the Single-Taste of Suchness. Recollect, Suchness is devoid of any particularities or differences, It Is the undeniable and undivided central-vigor of the immutable Unborn.

Thus Spoke Samantabhadrī

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