The Motherly Buddha Tantra: Epilogue

This series on the Kulayarāja Tantra proved to be singularly about a Mother Tantra. The Primordial mouthpiece Samantabhadrī bespoke of Bodhicitta as the all-manifesting energy (which in this tantra is cast as a feminine energy) or the Undivided Mind of awakened Actuosity. The key words throughout were actuating-essence, or an actuating potency that propels the pristine awareness from its stillness to manifestation in all dharmata. Indeed, this actuation-mode is the function of the Unborn as “teacher”. All in all, a spectacular display of Atiyoga or the Dzogchen-effect par-excellence come to life in a vibrating feminine-dimension. All the same time being bracketed by “the elixir of Primordial Bodhipower” exhibiting the innate knowledge and capacity of the original essence—going back to the fundamental, primordial-principle; returning to the Root-Source as the Supernal Teacher.

The series began in classical-style with the text displayed and then followed by exegesis, which covered all the elements of the Tantra quite thoroughly. Something occurred mid-way through this effort, though, that left me quite spellbound! I had stated in the introductory blog of the series how, for me, it was actually Arya Tara AS Samantabhadrī (Yin aspect) speaking through her primordial identity as this Primordial Tathagata. Suddenly one day I felt inspired by her to write the rest of the series in first-person singular mode, or the actualized teachings coming from the mouth of Samantabhadrī herself. Such statements as, “This, my dear ones, is the meaning of all is consummate”, “My own Being is Self-evident. In this respect I Am actualizing you”, or “Your very Self is Me, Myself Am You”, are all quite evident of a very-present and Real Presence guiding the writer to channel-forth this Premier-Spirit of the Absolute. What you have before you in this series is a singular experience of the Divine saying, Take ear-Take listen! Indeed, it is through this listening-mode that timeless-truths take real form producing a most profound transcendent-effect, as well as listening to the best of all spiritual mentors.

Illis aurem, ut audiam!

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6 Responses to The Motherly Buddha Tantra: Epilogue

  1. Vyartha says:

    “Niemand ist mehr Sklave, als der sich für frei hält, ohne es zu sein.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  2. Tozen says:

    Vajragoni, Ignoriere diesen unbedeutenden Dämon. Seine Zeit in diesem Platz ist gemessen und bald vorbei. Trotz Ihres immensen barmherzigen Herzens können Sie nicht jedem Herzen helfen. Besonders nicht seins. Seiner ist keine Hilfe und wird ihn bald dahin zurückbringen, wo er ursprünglich angekommen ist.

    Very nice series btw. I hope everything is well with you despite these unhinged snow storms ravaging your country.

  3. Tozen says:

    I have been traveling and aided a lot of lost souls, and many of them at the end of their life. of which some have found peace.

    Now I am back home (for a while ahead), I will, of course, contribute with something now and then for those in need.

    All the best.

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