The Snow-Buddha

The picture depicted is that of the Stone Buddha sitting outside my hermitage, referenced back in August. He is 18” high, and as you can see here is just surfacing again (peeking his head out of the snow and looking about) during some thawing-out today after being submerged in 28” of snow from a recent blizzard.

Although the weather outside has been frightfully frigid, I’m kept quite warm during my meditation sessions inside my hermitage which is gas-heated. So, while others this winter have been yearning for spring, I’ve actually been enjoying the season keeping so cozy-warm, like contemplating in a Bodhimanda with the winter-winds howling and whirling about outside.  🙂

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2 Responses to The Snow-Buddha

  1. Vyartha says:

    Lovely pic., this post brings it down to Earth a little bit, it shows how dedicated and serious you are about practice. Immersed in it, like that Buddha is immersed in the snow. Wonderful.

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