Time is Short

There is sporting & love
in the midst of companions,
& abundant fondness for offspring.
Feeling disgust
at the prospect of parting
from those who’d be dear,
wander alone
like a rhinoceros.

Perhaps there’s no greater emotion experienced of having a child than losing one. I have seen first-hand this tragic state on numerous occasions over the years in ministry and the lingering effects of losing a child is terribly unbearable and never subsides. The child is not supposed to die before the parent! And yet, when it hits suddenly, it’s the beginning of a heavy dark and empty void that never ends. That being said, today’s verse also draws an eerie parallel from the lines of a Pauline Discourse:

What I mean, brothers and sisters, is that the time is short. From now on those who have wives should live as if they do not; those who mourn, as if they did not; those who are happy, as if they were not; those who buy something, as if it were not theirs to keep; those who use the things of the world, as if not engrossed in them. For this world in its present form is passing away. (1 Corinthians 7:29-31)

Something has shifted, my friends, roughly from 2012 up to the present-day. Remember all the furor at the time concerning the end of the Mayan Calendar? Well something did indeed draw to a conclusion, the world as we knew it did indeed pass-away. And from the beginning of Obama’s second term something was unleashed that has turned society itself asunder. There’s now the realization that one could (and will at an increasingly astonishing rate) lose a son or daughter, not to carnal-death but to a carnal change—that CHANGE which was promised at the time, and that change is not beneficial for humanity but the beginning of its demise. For example:

Kindergarteners and other elementary-aged students in California’s public schools will be taught to reject “gender stereotypes” – such as about clothing, colors and toys – and to accept transgenderism as normative if proposed health guidelines are approved.

There would be no opt-out option for parents.

One recommended book in the guidelines tells the story of a boy who wants to be a princess. Another recommended book teaches students there are at least 15 genders. That same book also tells children it’s impossible to know if a baby is a boy or a girl.

The guidelines are part of the California Department of Education’s proposed Health Education Framework.  

“Discuss gender with kindergarteners by exploring gender stereotypes and asking open-ended questions, such as what are preferred colors, toys, and activities for boys/girls, and then challenging stereotypes if presented,” chapter three of the proposed guidelines reads. “Throughout this discussion, show images of children around the same age who do not conform to typical gender stereotypes. Examples do not have to be exaggerated or overt. Simple differences, such as colors or toy preferences, can demonstrate acceptance of gender non-conformity.”

Details about the guidelines were first reported by Brenda Lebsack at EdSource.org. She is a member of the Orange Unified School District board of education in Orange County.

“While students may not fully understand the concepts of gender expression and identity,” the guidelines state, “some children in kindergarten and even younger have identified as transgender or understand they have a gender identity that is different from their sex assigned at birth. This may present itself in different ways including dress, activity preferences, experimenting with dramatic play, and feeling uncomfortable self-identifying with their sex assigned at birth.”

One recommended children’s book in the guidelines is My Princess Boy by author Cheryl Kilodavis. The guidelines call it an “an age-appropriate book that can be used to demonstrate gender differences and inclusion.”

Another recommended children’s book is Who Are You?: The Kids Guide to Gender Identity by author Brook Pessin‐Whedbee. The colorful book defines gender as “boy, girl, both, neither, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gender fluid, transgender, gender neutral, agender, neutrois, bigender, third gender, two spirit….” All total, 15 possible genders are listed. The book says parents don’t know if a baby is a boy or a girl at birth. “Babies can’t talk, so grown-ups make a guess by looking at their bodies,” it reads.

California last revamped its health education framework was 2002. The State Board of Education will consider adopting the new framework in May, Lebsack said.

“This framework will potentially have more impact on parents, schools and our culture in general than any other adopted in the past,” she wrote.

Parents will not have the opportunity to opt their children out of the classes, Lebsack added. That’s because unlike sexual health education – which has an opt-out – materials that discuss gender, sexual orientation or family life are considered normative education.

Natural gender identity is dying and it’s happened right under our noses. The demons have taken control of our educational and other prevalent institutions. Children are becoming confused and angry, even self-defacing. And it’s not only happening in California but world-wide. Many parents have chosen to be so nonchalant over this. I have friends who are experiencing this in their family. Many of you reading this have most likely experienced the same associations, perhaps within your own family. It may appear to be ok, but it goes directly against the Natural-Order. And one day, those who have made this awful choice will turn violently against themselves because it’s not natural, but actually self-destructive. It’s all very indicative of the downward spiral of a civilization.

The above Pauline verse from Corinthians has never-before throughout the millennia been more relevant and directly spot-on. Not only the gender issue, but other nefarious and Occult-occurrences have taken precedence and control over the lives of the unsuspecting many, the instances of exorcisms have sky-rocketed, but sadly to no avail. The hounds of hell have been unleashed and there’s no-end in sight to their ravenous carnage. The old-guard is swiftly passing away, and we are NOW seeing the handwriting on the wall of what is taking its place. And it ain’t good.

Live as if you have no children or spouses or earthly possessions. Make that salvific inward-turn and focus alone on what will best benefit your Spirit—not this passing saha realm, but the only sure alternative to this present and world-ending lunacy.

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2 Responses to Time is Short

  1. Vyartha says:

    Indeed, these are not good times to have children.
    And: “those who have wives should live as if they do not”

  2. Bill Andersoot says:

    The world is created and destroyed simultaneously. Lunacy is simply an attachment to opinions.

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