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The Khaggavisāṇa Sutta: A Rhinoceros Horn

Dhivan Thomas Jones has written an excellent article concerning the sutta entitled, Like the Rhinoceros, or Like Its Horn? The Problem of Khaggavisāṇa Revisited. The Pāli expression khaggavisāṇakappo may either mean ‘like the rhinoceros’ or ‘like the horn of the rhinoceros’. It occurs in the refrain eko care khaggavisāṇakappo at the end of each stanza of the Khaggavisāṇa-sutta and its parallels, and the refrain has been translated by some as ‘one should wander alone like Read more [...]

Coming soon, Khaggavisana Sutta: A Rhinoceros

I was inspired to take-on this series on after reading a dialog between n. yeti and Vyartha over on The Zennist Blog. Given the nature of the present social-malaise in our world at large, this promises to be a most timely endeavor. What value the one immersed in social-engagements of all sorts, in particular social-media vs. the solitude practitioner disengaged from it all in a timeless dimension? This sutta is one of the best of all possible remedies for the disease of the present age.. See Read more [...]