The deceptive illusion of merely believing

In the years, decades, or perhaps even future existences ahead, you will one day come to realize that one who seeks to believe in something will eventually find something to believe in. That is the power of illusion continuously vibrating in the false body consciousness field, generated by Mara (the Buddhist allusion of the five skandhas combined as One Deceiving Power). The latter is consequently a fulfilled illusion based on the great desire of its pursuing believer.

The ultimate source of this animative power is the Unborn Mind that can fulfill any delusion coming into temporary reality for its believer and beholder. Where the absolute provides pure light of infinite animative power, the limited (the body consciousness) provides a filter that enables the illusion.

Absolute reality (Unborn Mind) always emerges as itself, on its own absolute terms, and leaves not a shred of a doubt of what it truly is to itself, and the one completely infused by it. When a genuine Zen [Chan] Master confirms his students initial awakening, it is solely based on the power of this infusion (bodhicitta) and not words, explanations and so on.

Here space (spatiality), and time (temporality) are irrelevant as they are merely part of the Spatio-temporal illusion generated by the current body consciousness, be it a demon, animal, human, or god.

Try to remember that.


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