Black Star Dharmakaya

Laura Iverson

Be attuned with the transmission of the essential non-practice, the Black Star Dharmakaya, who is the teacher in eternity. Self-originated and Unborn, the teachings of this Black Star can never be exhausted or diminished since It is not subjected to substantiality. Just remain non-fixated far and removed from any causal matters or conditioned responses to any secondary dharmatas that can never lift a finger before the eternal flame of the Unborn. This is the ultimate in being Self-sufficient, beyond all discourse with no need for any shallow understanding or inadequate rumblings from the hollow mind. Sitting for long sessions in meditation are redundant and can even be a distraction away from the natural disposition (Dark-contemplation) that is best suited for simply remaining in the Natural Primordial Order. Without further much ado about nothing, you will soon gain the insight that everything has but just a single-taste.

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