Unborn Mind Maxims

Do not fall prey to the agitated mind.
It is only in the base that you will find bliss.
This is an actionless affair and well beyond any pretext of acting.
The demon of attachment is near at hand, cut it off!
Throw away any consideration of neti, neti–not this, not that,
As the inseparability of all that is perfected is of one-fruit.
Be a child of the Sugatas, determined yet supple.
Hence, child, look at your Mind again and again!
Allow everything to self-liberate There and nowhere else.
Until you enter the castle of no birth, no death,
You will be forever lost in the courtyard of re-becoming.
Staying thought-free is self-realized Wisdom.
Being in the Unborn is likened to a vast sea without waves.
Your rightful home is in the cloudless vault of the sky,
Where Immaculate wisdom is at your beck and call.
Beloved, all the deities and evil spirits are this very mind of yours.
If you see mind essence, that is the Great Perfection of the Unborn.
Instant karma is hell while intrinsic awareness is the Dharmakaya.
In the essence THAT IS Samantabhadra there is neither hope nor fear.
Unless you feel revulsion towards samsara, liberation is far spent.
Be spontaneously relaxed and thus worry free.
Always be mindful, the authentic teacher is in your own mind.

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