Holy Communion

Enlightenment is a silent affair. Once synchronized with right-tuning, silence itself will suddenly envelop and transfigure you. This is what occurs when in the presence of a Buddha, it is his silence that invibes you and makes the transmission of Mind possible. This is Holy Communion at its best. Be not afraid and go deep into that silent communion. It will unmask the false identity that was created by the five evil lords and awaken the realization that you ARE the silence! Begone then with long extrapolations of the tongue that are nothing more than being in love with your own thoughts. Some, though rarely-ever, may resound with an astounding shout, but they remain what they are, just thoughts sewn-together from bits and pieces of purported knowledge picked up along the way. It’s all so much rubbish!  On the other hand, with nothing left to cling to, you are the Silent Lord whose all-encompassing kingdom knows no bounds.

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